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Melina Merkouri (Maria Amalia Merkouri, Athens, October 18, 1920 – New York, March 6, 1994) was a Greek actress and politician. She came from a reputed family of politicians. An actor honored with a number of international awards and a world-wide personality, she served as Minister of Culture in 1981-89 and 1993-94 in all PASOK governments, and as Andreas Papandreou stated, she also resisted all 16 government reshapings. The name of Melina Mercouri café is dedicated to the unforgettable Melina Mercouri. Mr. Andreas, a close friend of her for many years after having experienced many events during this friendship, had the deep desire after the necessary approvals and procedures that had to be done, to baptize this wonderful cafe bistrot with her name, as a minimum tribute.



1. Prosciutto with melon
2. Salmon salad with lemon cream
3. Caesar Salad
(Lettuce, chicken, parmesan cheese, croutons and Caesar dressing)
4. Cretan salad
(Chopped tomato, cucumber, oregano, feta cheese, parsley & olive oil)
5. Salad Florence
(Mozzarella, tomato, basil & pine nuts)
6. Mediterranean Salad
(Arugula, parmesan, prosciutto & vinaigrette sauce)
7. Four Seasons Salad
(Lettuce, cabbage, arugula, tomato, carrot, cucumber, haloumi & vinaigrette sauce)
8. Tuna Salad
(Lettuce, tuna, onion, egg & sauce)
9. Chef Salad
(Lettuce, tomato, ham, egg, cheese & sauce)
10. Royal Salad
(Green salad with egg, avocado, salmon, smoked trout, shrimp and dressing)
11. Cucumber
12. Greek Salad lettuce
(Tomato, cucumber, onion, peppers, olives, feta, vinaigrette)

Appetizers cold

13. Spicy cheese
14. Octopus in vinegar

Appetizers hot

15. Fried zucchini
16. Fried cheese
17. Fried shrimp
(Tomato, feta cheese, shrimp)
18. Rustic Meatballs
19. Baked feta cheese
20. Grilled Sausage
(With fresh fried potatoes)
21. Bekri meze
(Pan-fried pork, tomato, pepper, Tabasco)
22. Fresh potatoes fried

Chef’s Creations

23. Each dish is accompanied with grilled vegetables and fresh fries
24. Fillet
(Veal fillet (cream) sauce motes green pepper)
25. Fillet Melina
(Fillet of beef (milk) with peppers, mushrooms, onion, roast sauce & cream)
26. Filet Madeira
(Fillet of beef (milk) with Madeira wine sauce & roast aromatics)
27. Chicken Melina
(Chicken fillets with peppers, mushrooms, onions, cream sauce demi Glass)
28. Chicken with fruit sauce
(Fillets of chicken with fruit sauce, onion and various peppers)
29. Pork chops grilled


30. Penne with basil
(With parmesan & basil sauce)
31. Penne Florentine
(With pmpeikon, parmesan, mushrooms & cream)
32. Seafood linguini
(With shrimp, squid, octopus and tomato)
33. Tagliatelle al arrabiata
(With tomatoes, hot peppers, ham & spicy sauce)


34. Feta cheese
35. Roquefort
36. Gruyere
37. Assorted cheese
(Gruyere cheese, gouda, roquefort, emmental, cheese)


38. Assorted Seafood
(Octopus, shrimp, smoked salmon, trout, fried calamari & seasonal vegetables)
39. Assorted Meat
(Sausage, meatballs, pork loin, turkey fillet, cheese croquettes, fresh fries, tomato, lettuce, radishes)
40. Variety sausage
(Fresh fries, tomato, lettuce, cucumber pickle)
41. Personal titbit for ouzo
(Feta cheese, sausages, tomatoes, meatballs, cucumber, ham, olives and dolmades)


42. Cheese
43. Spinach
44. Mushroom

45. Savory crepes
46. Slice
47. Gouda
48. Gruyere
49. Roquefort
50. Ham
51. Bacon
52. Sausage
53. Chicken
54. Meatballs
55. Turkey
56. Tone
57. Shrimp
58. Lettuce
59. Tomato
60. Onion
61. Peppers
62. Mushrooms
63. Vegetables
64. Potatoes
65. Mayonnaise
66. Cheese Salad
67. Cream
68. Egg

Sweet crepes


69. Honey
70. Nutella


71. Strawberry
72. Pout
73. Raspberry
74. Apricot
75. Orange
76. Plum
77. Chestnut


78. Walnuts
79. Coconut
80. Almonds
81. Hazelnuts
82. Cookies


83. Banana
84. Lemon
85. Sweet cherry
86. Sweet orange
87. Sweet fig
88. Sweet bergamot
89. Sweet chestnut


90. Grand Marnier
91. Bailey’s
92. 1 scoop of ice cream
Served with sour cherry sauce or chocolate, or caramel, or strawberry and whipped cream

Drinks specials

93. Irish Coffee
(With Irish whiskey and whipped cream)
94. Chocolate Banana Coffee
(With dark cocoa, banana liqueur and whipped cream)
95. Russian vodka with chocolate and whipped cream
96. Chocolate Italian
(Espresso coffee, coffee beans and whipped cream)
97. Cuban chocolate with rum and whipped cream
98. Instant coffee with Bailey
99. Nescafe frappe with Bailey
100. Instant coffee with Kahlua
101. Nescafe frappe with Kahlua
102. Boxer Coffee
(With amaretto, brandy, orange liqueur and whipped cream)
103. Nescafe frappe with ice cream
104. Bloumpery tea with brandy and orange liqueur
All the stress of everyday life is lost in a cup of coffee and all the worries dissolve the aroma!


105. French or tea
(With bread, butter, jam and orange juice)
106. Two eggs bacon
107. Simple omelette with cheese
108. Omelette Espanyol
(With ham, bacon, cheese & spicy pepper sauce)


109. Club Sandwich
(Turkey, ham, bacon, sauce, cheese, triple bomb bread)
110. Toasted ham cheese
111. Toasted cheese
112. Toasted ham, cheese, fresh tomato


113. Vanilla
114. Chocolate
115. Strawberry
116. Caramel
117. Banana
118. Peanut
119. Parfait cream
120. Chocolate parfait
121. Ice cream soda
122. Strawberry sorbet
123. Lemon sorbet

cream specials

124. Chicago
(Chocolate sauce, whipped cream)
125. Chicago parfait
(Chocolate parfait, chocolate sauce, whipped cream)
126. Parfait Unic
(Chocolate parfait, parfait cream, garnished with chocolate syrup & nuts)
127. Go-Go Banana
(Cream, chocolate, strawberry, fresh banana & chocolate)
128. Ice Armenovil
(Parfait cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream)
129. Ice Melina
(Cream, chocolate, strawberry, fresh fruit, whipped cream, chocolate sauce & sour)
130. Special rock
(Crepe with ice cream, caramel sauce and coconut cream)
131. Concert on the Hill
(Cream parfait with caramel sauce, whipped cream and walnuts)
132. Ice Giant
(4 balls of your preference)

White Wine

133. Mountain Sun 0.75L
134. Moschophilero Boutari 0.75L
135. Mountain Spyropoulou 0.75L
136. Strofylia 0.75L
137. Hatzimichalis 0.75L
138. Mount 0.75L
139. Macedonian 0.75L
140. Antonopoulos 0.75L
141. Lazaridis 0.75L
142. Organic wine – RAMNOUS Earth 0.75L
143. Glass of wine 200g

Rose Wine

144. Hatzimichalis 0.75L
145. Mount 0.75L
146. Macedonian 0.75L
147. Glass of wine 200g

Red Wine

148. Amethyst 0.75L
149. Domaine Mercouri 0.75L
150. Underpass Averof 0.75L
151. Chateau Lazaridis 0.75L
152. Chaztimichali 0.75L
153. Strofylia 0.75L
154. Naoussa Boutari 0.75L
155. Macedonian 0.75L
156. Mavrodaphne 0.75L
157. Mavrodaphne glass
158. Sangria glass
159. Glass of wine 200g
The aroma and taste of time sense magic in a glass of wine.





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