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Our story starts 35 years ago and remains a family affair to this day. Nothing interests us more than a perfectly executed dinner. Our cuisine has a distinct Greek flavor, consisting of recipes from our long culinary tradition, while incorporating new flavors and modern cooking techniques.

It is our belief that great meals start with great ingredients, so we focus on using lots of homemade products. We use cheese from the island of Naxos, fish from the Greek Aegean, meat from Crete and extra virgin olive oil from the Peloponnese.

We are also proud to include in our dishes the best products of Santorini, including capers, cherry tomatoes, fava beans, rocket, green cheese and white eggplants. Ask us how to customize a menu to suit your personal needs.

With many delicious dishes created by our team, we are sure your meal will leave you satisfied.


Breakfast (From 08:00 am to 10:30 am)

1. Menu
(Milk or coffee, mormelade - honey - butter, muffins Yoghurt with traditional sweets)
2. Gluten free
(Soy milk or decofeine coffee, cereal bar, muffins Rusks with mormelode - honey)
3. Egg Plates
(Toast bread, 2 fried eggs, bacon, sausage cocktail, tomato, cucumber, cheese cream)


4. Greek
(4 colors of pepper, onion, 2 kinds of olives, variety of mushrooms, Santorinian cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, fresh oregano)
5. Classic
(Ham, bacon, gouda cheese)
6. Salmon
(Smoked salmon, black & red caviar, Santorinian cherry tomatoes, fresh onion, cheese cream)

Club sandwitch * Choose wihite or whole gain bread

7. Classic
(ham, bacon, gouda, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise)
8. Chicken
(Chicken fillet, fresh mozzarella, red & green lobster, tomato, mustard sauce)
9. Salmon
(Smoked salmon marinated in lime - fresh onion & aubergine, iceberg, tomato, cheese cream)

* Accompanied by fresh flavored chips uiith smoked paprika & fresh oregano

Burger with minced beef or crispy chicken

10. Cheeseburger
(Burgers, gouda, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, cocktail) Accompanied by brioche bread)
11. Coralli
(Burger, smoked mozzarella, bacon, fried egg, tomato, lettuce, barbeque sauce)

*They are accompanied by uihole gain bread

finger food

12. Breaded croquettes with pork gyros
(With bittersweet chilli souse)
13. Onion Croquettes
(Staffed with yellow cheese and tartar sauce)
14. Fried eggplants & zuchinni
(Sun-dried tomato, bittersweet onion, wine vinsanto, fresh basil, honey)
15. Crisp chicken bits
(In cereal crust, sesame, marinated in lime - mustard & ketchup)
‘Accompanied by mustard sauce
16. Crispy shrimps pane
(shrimps wraped in traditional leaf dough with popcorn & quinoa, flavored with paprika, greek herbs, ginger and cocktail sauce)


17. Bread
(With olive oil, olive pate, feta cheese mousse )


18. Seafood
(Surimi crab, lobster tail, octopus, squid saute, smoked salmon, rocket, cabbage, Santorinian cherry tomatoes, cucumber, corn, sesame vinaigrette sauce)
19. Italian
(Avocado, rocket, lettuce, Santorinian cherry tomatoes, pomegranate, parmesan, balsamic cream)
20. Summer
(fTlelon, orange, peor, green apple , rocket, green & red lola, sliced almond, orange vinaigrette sauce)
21. Garden
(Rocket, lettuce, green & red lola, Santorinian cherry tomatoes, red & uuhite cabbage, carrot, sun-dried tomato, green apple, almonds, walnuts, croutons, yogurt sauce with honey & vinegar balsamic)
22. Chicken
(Fillet in strips, variety of mushrooms, prosciutto, rocket, green & red lola, Santorinian cherry tomatoes, croutons, poppy seed, fresh mozzarella, roquefort sauce)
23. Traditional Santorini salad
(Santorinian cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onion, caper, caper leaves, olives, Santorinian chloro cheese and oregano)
24. Greek Salad
(Traditional greek salad with tomato, cucumber, olives, pepper, caper and fresh oregano)

Salads are served on a crispy rice leaf

Cold apetizers

25. Salty cheese cake
(kretan rusk bread, Feta cheese mousse, Fresh basil, and Santorinian cherry tomato marmelade)
26. Crayfish carpaccio
(Crayfish tail marinated in lime - mango - ginger - curry, green apple, cream cheese. Fresh mint, edible Flowers)
27. Peppers Lava
(StufFed roasted small peppers with Feta cheese, parmesan, gouda cheese, edam cheese, hard cheese. Fresh basil, bittersuueet chilli, tabasco)
28. Dakos
(Cretan rusk bread with Fresh grated tomato, onion, olives, caper, olive oil and Feta cheese)
29. Melon Melon
(melon, prosciutto, cream cheese, saguin melon & mandarin sauce with strauuberry couli)
30. Octopus tartar
(Octopus marinated in vinegar - garlic - olive oil - honey, Fava, bittersuueet onion, sun-dried tomato, vinsanto wine, fresh oregano)
31. Tzatziki
32. Tirokafteri (spicy white cheece spread)
33. Red tuna sevitse
(Red tuna in strips, marinated in citrus, spinach, Santorinian rocket, variety of caviar, tartar sauce)
34. Salmon tartar
(Smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, mayonnaise, rocket. Fresh onion, dill, chives, yellouu caviar of molecular cuisine with lemon scent)

Hot appetizers

35. Sensual Nest
(Chinese dough, manouri cheese, bittersuueet chili, garlic, cherry tomatoes marmelade, cherries, wihite & black sesame)
36. Shrimps * saganaki
(Shrimps cooked in tomato sauce, colorful peppers, feta cheese and herbals)
37. Garlic Brouskettes
(UJith black olive pate, tomato, fresh mozzarela cheese and fresh basil)
38. White eggplant bourekaki
(Varius greek white cheeses, colorful peppers, mustard dijon, fresh mint)
*Accompanied by handmade tomato marmelade
39. Salmon bourekaki
(Smocked salmon, Philadelphia cheese, fresh onion, dill, sesame, and caviar variety)
40. Fried Santorinian Tomato balls
*served uiith yoghurt sauce flavored mith mint
41. Santorinian Soutzoukakia
(ITIinced beef, uihite Santorinian eggplant, mastic, Santorinian cherry tomatoes, tomato sauce and feta cheese)
42. Fava Santorini
(Traditional Santorinian split peas mash mith onions, parsley, caper, caper leaves and olive oil)
43. Grilled Feta cheese
(with Santorinian cherry tomatoes, caper, olives, onion, garlic, pepper and bittersuueet chilli)
44. Grilled octopus
45. Grilled vegetables
(Santorinia eggplant & zucchini, variety of mushrooms, variety of peppers, Santorinian cherry tomatoes, haloumi cheese, balsamic cream, fresh oregano and olive oil)
46. Sardines grilled fillet
(marinated in vinegar and garlic)


47. All creme
(Penne with smoked bacon, mushrooms, parmesan and whipping cream)
48. Spaghetti with lobster (per person)
(Fresh linguini with cuttlefish ink, lobster, onion, caper, Santorinian cherry tomatoes, ouzo, vinsanto and herbs)
49. Spaghetti with lobster (per kilo)
(Fresh linguini with cuttlefish ink, lobster, onion, caper, Santorinian cherry tomatoes, ouzo, vinsanto and herbs)
50. Spaghetti with Shrimps
(linguini with shrimps* fresh tomato, pernod and herbs)
51. Coral
(Linguini, beeF and chicken Fillets, peppers, whipping cream, tomato sauce, roquefort, whisky)
* Served in parmesan nest
52. Seafood pasta
(linguini with mix of shrimps*, octopus*, crub and lobster surimi, mussels, sea scollop, red tuna. Fresh tomato and herbs)
53. Bolognese
(linguini with minced beef meat, fresh tomato and hard cheese)
54. Penne with chicken
(Penne with chicken fillet, mushrooms and whipping cream)
55. Togliotelle with salmon
(with smoked salmon, chives, whipping cream and vodka)
56. Pomodoro
(Linguini with fresh tomato sauce, basil ond mozzarella)
57. Santorini Pasto
(Linguini, Santorinian white eggplant & zucchini, coper, Santorinion cherry tomatoes, sun-dried tomato, fresh onion, parsley, vinsonto wine ond spicy tomato mormelode)
58. Fresh raviolli stuffed with shrimp
ond parmesan cheese (fllio olio sauce, soge, ond fresh mint)
59. Fresh raviolli stuffed with
sun-fried tomato ond monouri cheese (alpesto basil sauce ond pinetree seeds)


60. Seafood kritharoto
(barley pasta, shrimps*, octopus*, mussels, sea scallops, fresh tomato, ouzo and herbs)
61. Risotto with Chicken
(onion, asparangus, pepper, whipping cream and parmesan)
62. mushroom rizotto
(with fresh mushrooms, cognac and parmesan cheese)
63. Rizotto of Santorini
(with Santorinian cherry tomatoes, caper, fresh onion, olives and Santorinian chloro cheese)

Grill cooked to order

Rsk us for the daily dishes III

64. Stuffed vegetables
65. Kleftiko
(Lamb with garlic, aromatic herbs and potatoes)
66. Chicken Krassato with traditional noodles
(chicken fillet, noodles, tomato sauce, peppers, onion, Santorinian cherry tomatoes, sun-dried tomato, parsley, hard cheese and red mine)
Served in clay
67. Cabbage rolls with beef mince
68. Kokkinisto
(Traditionally cooked in tomato sauce) Served with potatoes or rice)
69. Stifado
70. Mousaka
(Baked casserole made by layering eggplant, zucchini and potato with a spiced meat filling, topped off with a creamy bechamel sauce)
71. The Butcher's
(meat variety of beef fillet, chicken fillet, lamb fillet, peppers, onion, mushrooms, Santorinian cherry tomatoes. sun-dried tomato, capers, olives, garlic, parsley, tomato sauce, feta cheese, fresh oregano)
Served in cloy


You may ask for further information

72. XXL Shrimps 2X250gr
(marinated in lime, garlic, lemon, lobster oil, ginger, smoked paprika, fresh onion)
Served uiith Fried serial rise, fresh onion, pepper and Santorinian cherry tomatoes
73. Squid* el greco
(stuffed tuith variety of greek cheese. Santorinian cherry tomatoes, pepper and lemon sauce)
Served uiith black fried rise
74. Grilled squid*
Served with green salad
75. Fried squid*
Served with a green salad
76. Red mullet per kilo
Served with a green salad
77. mix Fish (2 persons)
(variety of Greek fish)
78. Grilled Stuordfish fillet
Served with vegetables salted
79. Seafood souvlaki
(shrimp with shrimp *, salmon, kalamari * octopus *, red tuna and lizard)
Served with beetroot sardines
80. Grilled Lobster Roasted Kilo
(with grilled vegetables, lasagne sauce, green salad and aromatic salt)
81. Grilled sea Bream fish
Served with grilled vegetables
82. Stuffed gilt-head seabream
(Roasted on a sun-dried tomato paste and black olive pate, stuffed with lemon, tomato, fresh onion - garlic and greek herbs)
Served with Santorinian greens
83. Fish and chips
(Crisp fillets with french fries and tartar sauce)
84. Grilled red porgy per kilo
Served with grilled vegetables
85. Sea bass roll fillet
(Asparagus green, corn and baby carrot, lemon vinaigrette with saffron)
Served with cabbage brace
86. Red Tuna Fillet
(finocchio, onion, pine nut, parsley, black and yellow cherry, orange zest
Served with carrot velor
87. Salmon fillet
(Garlic, colored pepper grains, yoghurt, orange zest & lime, honey, saffron, whiskey) Served with fried red rice

Grilled cooked to order

88. Giaourtlou* meat
(Kebab, yoghurt, paprika, hot tomato sauce, peppers) Served in greens
89. Grilled chicken fillet
(marinated with smoked paprika, Greek herbs, and lime) Served with potatoes
90. Stuffed burger portion
(Traditional 100% beef burger stuffed with feta, pepper, tomatoe Santorini and fresh oregano)
91. Burger portion
100% beef burger with herbs) Served with potato pancakes and sauce)
92. Mix Grill for 2 persons
(Sausages, pancake, pork chops, burgers, chicken fillet, pies, fresh fried potatoes and sauce)
93. Pork belly
Served with fresh pancake potatoes
94. Chicken souvloki
(marinated chicken fillets, colorful peppers and onion)
Served with pies, sauce and french fries
95. Pork souvloki
(marinated, with colorful peppers and onion)
Served with pies, french fries and tzatziki
96. Grilled pork steoks
(steak 500gr)
Served with fresh french fries
97. Tenderloin stuffed Florentino
(smoked meats, sun-dried tomato, prosciutto, fresh spinach and mushroom sauce with mustard, garlic, onion and wine)
98. Grilled pork fillet Served with fresh french fries
99. Lamb fillet Ancient flavors
(manouri, caramelized pear, almond, nut, plum sauce)
Served with cabbage brace
100. Lamb Carre
(Lamb steak on herb crust, smoked paprika, mustard sauce and green cheese)
Served with chives of chives and ginger
101. Lamp fillet of Vinsanto
(Sun-dried tomato, capers, garlic, onion, french basil, Vinsanto wine, glam)
Served with red rice
102. Chicken Champagne
(Santorini tomatoes, variety of mushrooms, dummy greens, orange juice, champagne, parmesan cheese)
Served with rice parsley of black rice
103. Rib Eye Hot Springs
(Shrimps, a variety of fresh mushrooms, colored peppers, sweetcorn chili)
Served with black rice
104. Rib Eye Mediterranean
(Butter, garlic, thyme, rosemary, lemongrass, ginger, onion jam)
Served with roasted baby salted potatoes, smoked paprika and black smoked salt


105. Apple pie
Served with vanilla ice cream
106. Baklava handmade
served with ice cream
107. Chocolate souffle
(milk chocolate, white chocolate, kahlua, bailey's and roasted sauce)
108. Fried Ice Cream
(a vanilla ball and a chocolate ball, biscuit - cornmeal cereal muesli.
Served with salted caramel sauce
109. Ouzo Revani
110. Cheese cake

Wine List

White wine

111. Vedeme white dry
112. Santorini Adonis - Athiri - Asyrtiko 2016
113. Assyrtiko 2016 white dry
114. Nycteri 2016 white dry
115. Asyrtico Grand Reserve 2014 white dry

Red wine

116. Vedema Red Dry
117. Burnt 2014 Red Dry
118. Crescendo 2016 Red Dry
119. Maurotragano 2015 Red Dry

Rosé wine

120. Vedema Rosé Dry
121. Ageri Semi-dry wine


122. The Mid
Skinos mastiha Spirit - freshly squeezed lemon - basil leaves - sugar syrup - soda
123. Skinos gin
Skinos mastiha Spirit - jeans - cucumber - freshly squeezed lemon - sugar syrup
124. Coralli
Skinos mastiha spirit - gin - peach - lemon - lime
125. Disaronno Sour
Disaronno amaretto - freshly squeezed lemon - angostura bitters
126. Daquiri Strawberry
rum - chestnut - black sugar - lime - strawberry
127. Daquiri Passion
rum - chestnut - black sugar - lime - passion fruit
128. Pop Porn
vanilla - lime - passion fruit vodka
129. Passion Caramel
rum - lime - sugar syrup - passion fruit - caramel syrup
130. Porn Star
vanilla - lime - sugar syrup - passion fruit
131. Margarita
132. Mojito
133. Pina Colada


134. Orange / Lemonade / Gazoza /
Coca-Cola / Soda (250ml)
135. Water 1lit
136. Bottled Water 0.5lt
137. Sparkling Drink loli330ml
138. Sparkling Drink loli750ml
Sparkling Drink with MASTIHA water

Premium Cider

140. Apple
141. Red berries
142. Red berries

Draft beers

143. Alfa small 250ml
144. Alfa Big 400ml

Beer bottle

145. Alfa / Amstel (500ml)
146. Heineken / Pilsner (500ml)
147. Alfa weiss 500ml
148. Heineken light 330ml
149. Amstel free 330ml
150. Sol / Rddler 330ml
151. Volcan


152. Glass of wine
153. Regional white wine (500ml)
154. Regional red wine (500ml)
155. Regional rose wine (500ml)


156. Prosecco 200ml
157. Prosecco 750ml
158. Moet 750ml
159. Moet Ice 750ml

Greek aperitif

160. Raki 100ml
161. Raki 250ml
162. Tsipouro (100ml)
163. Ouzo Plomari (200ml)
164. Skinos mastiha (200ml)


165. Alcohol drinks
166. Special alcohol drinks
167. Bottles
168. Bottles Special
169. Gray Goose Bottle
170. Gray Goose


171. Greek
172. Espresso
173. Espresso frento
174. Cappuccino
175. Cappuccino frento
176. NescaFe
177. Tea




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