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The first and only one! Mom’s kitchen!
Engraved forever in us with memories, smells, feelings…
We followed this cuisine, with local fresh ingredients, pure olive oil, Cycladic cheeses, fish and meat, based on old and new recipes.

The table is set, the words are short…welcome to our home, Mama’s House


The dishes are accompanied by hash browns & toast
1. Plain omelettes
2. Cheese omelette
3. Bacon omelette
4. Ham & cheese omelette
5. Bacon and cheese omelette
6. Mushroom omelette
7. Vegetarian omelette
(Cheese, onions, tomatoes, green pepper, mushrooms)
8. Denver omelette
(Ham, onion, cheese, tomatoes, green pepper, mushrooms)
9. Mama’s Special omelette
(Avocado, onion, cheese, tomatoes, green pepper, mushrooms)
10. Feta cheese & spinach omelette
(Onion and tomato)
11. Spanish omelette
(Potatoes, sausage, hot pepper sauce, onion)
12. Omelette artichokes
(Spinach & feta)

The dishes are accompanied by Hash browns & toast
13. Two eggs of your choice
14. Bacon or sausage, 2 eggs
15. Ham & Eggs

Mama’s Special

16. Mama’s Special
(2 eggs, 2 pancakes, bacon, toast or filter coffee)
17. Continental
(Muffin, toast, juice and small coffee, jam)
18. English Breakfast
(Bacon eggs, beans, toast, hash browns)
19. Eggs Benedict
(Eggs, bacon, Dutch sauce onto toast)
20. Eggs Florentine with smoked salmon
(Eggs, spinach, tobacco. Salmon, Dutch sauce)
21. Pork steak with eggs
(Pork steak, 2 eggs, hush brown, toast)

Side orders

Pancakes & toast

22. French toast
23. French toast with 2 eggs
24. French toast, bacon & 2 eggs
25. Pancakes
26. Pancakes with bacon
27. Pancakes with sausage
28. Pancakes with blueberries
29. Pancakes with chocolate
30. Pancakes with banana


31. Yogurt with fruit
32. Yogurt with honey
33. Fruit salad
34. Smoothies flavored
(Strawberry, mango, peach)


35. Cappuccino
36. Espresso
37. Greek coffee
38. Freddo
39. Nes cafe or frape (iced coffee)
40. Filter coffee
41. Hot tea
42. Iced tea
43. Hot chocolate
44. Fresh orange juice
45. Bottle water 0,50ml
46. Bottle water 1l
47. Soft drinks
48. Mama’s special iced coffee
(Caramel flavors, coconut, hazelnut, strawberry)

Lunch & Dinner Menu
served from 12:00 – 24:00

Mama’s Best Appetizers

Cold Appetizers

49. Bread per person served (with feta cheese dip)

50. Santorini fava
(with capers and onion)
51. Tzatziki
(yogurt dip with garfic and cucumber)
52. Mamas spicy cheese dip
(with chloro soft cheese and feta cheese)
53. Santorini tomatoes stuffed with tuna
54. Eggplant salad
(with baked white eggplant)
55. Smoked Salmon
(with arugula, caper and parmesan)
56. Marinated Small fish
(with tomatoes & capers)

Warm Appetizers

57. Eggplant rolls ‘Mama Mia’
(stuffed with feta cheese)
58. Cod Fish fried with garlic dip
(With cheese and spicy sauce)
59. Stuffed Vine leaves with rice
(served with egg and lemon sauce)
60. Fennel pie from Crete
61. Mussels saganaki in tomato
(With feta cheese and a spicy sauce)
62. Grilled octopus with balsamic
63. Fried feta cheese
(with sesame, honey and balsamic)
64. Cod croquette
(With fresh garlic)
65. Fried kalamari
66. Fried goat’s cheese ‘saganaki’
67. Spinach pies
68. Santorini tomato balls
(With island tomatoes, onions and spices)
69. Santorini zucchini fried
(in light batter)
70. White Santorini eggplant fried
(in light batter)


71. Greek salad
(Tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion, olives, capers, oregano, feta cheese, olive oil)
72. Santorini salad
(with chloro cheese, Santorinian cheery tomatoes, capers, olives, sun dried tomatoes)
73. Mama’s salad
(with manouri cheese, lettuce, rocket, sun dried tomato, cherry tomatoes, raisins)
74. Mama’s Aegean salad
(with grilled shrimps, spinach, rocket and orange vinaigrette)
75. Mama’s Fantasy salad
(with ettuce, arugula, chicken, tomato, egg, pickles and dressings)
76. Spinach and rocket with parmesan
(With walnuts, pomegranate, apple and parmesan)

77. Please ask your server soup of the day

Mama’s Casserole Specialities

78. Mousakas
(With white Santorini eggplant)
79. Baked Lamb (kleftiko)
(With roast vegetables and cheese)
80. Mama’s baked lamb Capana
(with tomato sauce)
81. Beef stifado
(beef with pearl onions and spices served with fried potatoes)
82. Risotto
(with seafood & basil)
83. Beef Pastitsada
84. Mama’s meat balls
(With pasta or rice)
85. Chicken
(with honey & plums)
86. Mama’s stuffed eggplant nests
(fillet with beef, goat’s cheese, sun dried tomatoes)
87. Rabbit stifado with potatoes
88. Mama’s stuffed vegetables
(Tomatoes, peppers)
89. Risotto
(With vegetables and chicken)

Mama’s grilled

90. Chicken souvlaki
(Served with french fries, tzatziki, tomato, onion and pita)
91. Pork souvlaki
(Served with french fries, tzatziki, tomato, onion and pita)
92. Kebab politico
(Served with french fries, tzatziki, tomato, onion and pita)
93. Fish souvlaki
(Served with rice and vegetables)
94. Pork chops in wine sauce
(Served with mushrooms, peppers and french fries)
95. Lamb chops grilled
(Served with french fries)
96. Chicken fillet stuffed
(with spinach and feta)
97. Beef rib
(Served with baked potato and vegetables)
98. Pork fillet grilled
(With peppers, mushrooms and yogurt sauce)

Mama’s Spaghetti

99. Mama’s Spaghetti
(Eggplant, olives, peppers, tomatoes)
100. Pepper Chicken with linguini
(with chicken fillet and peppers)
101. Linguini with sundried tomatoes
(soft cheese and basil)
102. Mama’s spaghetti with minced

Mama’s Sea Food

103. Seafood platter for 2 persons
(Grilled fish of the day, squid, mussels, shrimps, octopus)
104. Grilled fish of the day
(with vegetables and rice)
105. Squid stuffed grilled
(with vegetables and cheese)
106. Grilled Shrimps
107. Mama’s Shrimps
(With cream and fresh vegetables)
108. Seafood spaghetti
(With tomato sauce)
109. Salmon
(wit cream, dill & wine)
110. Salmon
(with rice & vegetables)
111. Lobster spaghetti for 2


112. Mama’s Pie
(With cheese, honey and walnuts)
113. Baclavas
114. Panacotta
115. Apple pie with ice cream
116. Yogurt and honey
117. Chocolate souffle with ice cream

Ice Creams

118. Chocolate
119. Vanilla
120. Mama’s Special
121. Milk Shakes
(Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate)
122. Smoothies
(Strawberry, mango, peach)
123. Banana Split
124. Mama’s Sundays


125. Greek coffee
126. Frappe
127. Espresso
128. Tea
129. Hot chocolate
130. Cappuccino
131. Freddo
132. Mama’s special iced coffee
(Caramel, coconut, hazelnut, strawberry)

Soft Drinks

133. Coca cola light 250 ml
134. Coca Cola 250 ml
135. Sprite 250 ml
136. Orangeade 250 ml
137. Fanta lemon 250 ml
138. Tonic water 250 ml
139. Soda – Souroti 250 ml
140. Bottled mineral water 1 liter
141. Fresh orange juice
142. Souroti 750 ml


143. Heineken 500 ml
144. Mythos 500 ml
145. Amstel 500 ml
146. Alfa 500 ml
  • 147. Fix 500 ml4.00€
  • 148. Draft 500 ml4.00€

  • Ouzo & Tsipouro

    149. Ouzo portion
    150. Gin – Tonic
    151. Baileys
    152. Metaxas 5*
    153. Whiskey
    154. Bacardi

    Dry white Santorini wines

    155. Asirtiko – Athiri estate Sigalas 750 ml 156. Asirtiko – Athiri estate Sigalas 375 ml
    157. Koutsogiannopoulos 750 ml 158. Atlantis Argyros 750 ml
    159. Nichteri estate Hatzidakis 750 mml
    160. Abelones Koutsogiannopoulos 750 ml

    Red Santorini

    161. Eniampelo Sigalas 750 ml
    162. Argyros Atlantis 750 ml
    163. Boutari Grand Reserve 750 ml
    164. Koutsogiannopoulos Ampelones 750 ml
    165. Averof Katogi 750 ml

    Santorini House Wines

    166. Home made Nichteri White 0,5 l
    167. Home made Nichteri White 250 ml
    168. Mavrotragano Red 0,5 l
    169. Mavrotragano Red 250 ml




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