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Inside FTELOS Brewery, a guest will also have the chance of dining at restaurant MALT serving contemporary Greek/ Mediterranean cuisine. Restaurant MALT has quickly become the culinary game changer on Santorini. Book a table now and indulge all your senses with innovative flavours and tastes in a unique ambience. At Ftelos Brewery we created a magnetic dining experience called MALT restaurant, inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine as well as our local culinary traditions. MALT restaurant is a chic and inviting place for everyone to gather and celebrate good tidings and events. Nestled within our premises, our restaurant MALT, takes dining to the next level, presenting a tantalizing and contemporary cuisine that has earned us a prestigious position in Santorini’s premier culinary destinations. From tasty tapas to creative dishes, all made with the finest local produce, sourced from small local farms, as we believe in the importance of seasonality, as well as in building long-lasting, trusting relationships with producers. Unleash your palate and savor the elevated Mediterranean gastronomy whilst sipping unique fresh drinks. Our team of food and beverage professionals is eager to cater you to your every need.






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