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Our restaurant has been completely renovated at the beginning of 2016 and operates under new management.

The menu created by Head Chef Konstantinos Dimitriadis, exploring the multidimensional cuisine of Santorini, is a culinary adventure.

The traditional techniques he uses, as well as fresh local produce, ensure that his contemporary dishes retain the essence of Greek cuisine.

His tempting dishes – traditional and creative – are worth your attention. Our staff are constantly working in their quest to create and present new and delicious dishes, using seasonal and traditional island produce.

Wine list from local wineries.

Our Restaurant has tables inside or outside in the restaurant’s courtyard.



1. Basket with homemade bread and dip for 2 people
2. Fresh mushroom variety flavored
(with garlic and white wine, with a light cheese sauce and sweet paprika)
3. Steamed mussels in a hot sauce
(with green pepper, mustard, red pepper flakes and Samos' sweet wine)
4. Crispy pastry rolls filled
(with Philadelphia cream cheese and pastrami on a spicy yoghurt sauce)
5. Grilled manouri cheese marinated
(with ouzo, with zucchini chips, fresh tomato and olives marmelade)
6. Vinegar octapus
(with rocket leaves, fennel* olives Santorinian capers and orange sauce)
7. Fava beans
(millefeuille with white eggplants with garlic scent, roasted almond and fresh tomato)
8. Pan-fried shrimps
(with sweet-chilli sauce of ouzo, fresh tomato, basil and grated feta cheese)
9. Pan-fried pork made of streaky in peppery sauce
(with mustard and baked Portobello mushrooms)


10. Traditional Greek salad
(with olive pate, feta cheese mousse on small warm pitas with sweet paprika)
11. Cretan salad
(with lettuce, tomato, olives, capers, fresh onion, wheat rusk and Cretan chloro white cheese (soft cheese)
12. Feast of vegetables
(with pomegranate seed, green apple, crispy bacon, roast sesame, strawberry vinaigrette and rose water)
13. Rocket salad
(with chicken, pumpkin, crouton and mustard vinaigrette)
14. Pleasure's salad
(with a variety of vegetables, sunflower, almonds filet, pine, crouton, fig vinaigrette with parmesan flakes)
15. Salad with cabbage
(carrot, colored peppers, cashews, green apple and honey with mustard vinaigrette)

Main courses

16. Greek chicken fillet
(with onion, pepper, fresh tomato, grated fetachfese and fried Mediterranean flavored potato)
17. Tenderloin marinated
(with black beer and honey, in mustard sauce, flavored With fresh thyme, rosemary and baked sesame)
18. Meat ball recipe from Smyrna
(flavored with cumin in tomato sauce with Mavrodafni wine)
19. ifeasted lamb shank (400 gr)
(cooked in baking paper with potatoes. tomato, peppers, grated feta cheese and Cretan gruyere (kleftiko)
20. Veal slowly cooked in tomato sauce
(with spaghetti or orzo and parmezan)
21. Beef fitlet in mushroom variety sauce and parmesan cream
22. Chicken burgers
(served on smalt warm pita bread with French fries and handmade tzatziki )
23. Sauteed Mediterranean Seabass
(with mayonnaise and ginger sauce served with baked tomato with olive pate, feta cheese and basil leaves)
24. Seabream fillet
(with potato salad, honey-mustaird sauce and artichoke puree)
25. Cuttlefish cooked in Santorinian Visanto
(with fresh spinach, with fava cream in Spring Rolls shell)

Pasta - Risotto

26. Spaghetti with seafood variety
(in basil sauce with fresh tomato flavored with ouzo)
27. Spaghetti with shrimps
(sauteed in vodka sauce with cream, coriander and grated parmesan)
28. Penne with chicken
(fresh spinach, white wine, dill, fresh cream and parmesan)
29. Penne with tomato sauce, basil and parmesan
30. Octapus with cut macaroni, fresh tomato sauce with Santorinian
( capers and trimmed feta)
31. Orzo with variety of mushrooms
(with fresh cream and parmesan flakes )


32. Heawen chocolate pie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup
33. Light lemon pie on a crispy chocolate biscuit
34. Baklava with vanilla ice cream, trimmed biscuit and honey
35. Strawberry - chocolate cream served in
(white chocolate nest and strawberry syrup)
36. Yoghurt panacotta with strawberry syrup