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La Maison restaurant welcomes you to the beautiful island of Santorini and wishes you a pleasant stay.

In a beautiful and pleasant environment we are waiting for you to enjoy delicious dishes.


Chef's tasting menu

1. Welcome
(Tomato Caviar | Feta cheese jelly | black olive cream | locust rusk)
2. Celery Root Soup
(White truffle | white chocolate mousse | pumpernickel crouton | mustard ice cream)
3. Scallops
(Parsnip cream | pear salad with fresh herbs | lime and horseradish mousse | prosciutto powder)
4. A small surprise
5. Sea bass
(Carrot puree | mandarin cream | lentils flavored with chorizo sausage | ginger mousse)
6. Duck Breast
(Sunchokes cream flavored with green cardamon | espresso mousse | wild mushrooms ragout)
7. A different sunny-side up egg
8. Vanilla bean
(Creme brulee | greek honey jelly | dulce de leche | spiced crumble | surprise ice cream)


9. Celery root soup
(White truffle, white chocolate mousse, pumpernickel, mustard ice cream)
10. Mussels and Clams
(Fish roe cream, wakame salad with fennel, ouzo jelly, edible shells, miso soup)
11. Scallops
(Parsnip cream, pear salad with herbs, lime and horseradish mousse, prosciutto powder)
12. Shrimps
(Cauliflower and grape juice puree, cherry condiment, ragout with herbs, shrimp powder)
13. Foie Gras
(Gingerbread cream, chocolate sauce, jasmine jam, radicchio salad with hazelnuts)
14. Pork Belly
(White beans puree, ragout with spearmint and chorizo sausage, ginger and apple mousse)
15. Beef
(Salsify cream, smoked parmesan puree, green asparagus with pickled cucumber ragout)
16. Local Vegetables
(Couscous flavored with tomato, feta cheese mousse, black olive oil ice cream)
17. Bread for one person

Main Dishes

18. Beef fillet
(Beetroot puree, potatoes confit flavored with white truffle, Alicante mousse, pine nuts powder)
19. Duck breast
(Sunchokes cream flavored with green cardamom, espresso mousse, wild mushrooms ragout)
20. Lamb
(Wild bitter greens, egg-lemon mousse, lime air, Marsala reduction)
21. Sea Bass
(Carrot puree, mandarin cream, lentils flavored with chorizo sausage, ginger mousse)
22. Mackerel
(Broccoli cream, fava beans salad, radish snow, salmon roe, sesame powder)
23. Sea Bream
(Spinach cream, green beans ragout with almond and peach, bittersweet lemon purée)
24. White grouper
(Smoked eggplant cream, tomato flavored bulgur, grilled red pepper ice cream)
25. Risotto
(Wild mushrooms, truffle, thyme powder, parmesan ice cream)


26. Lemon
(Lime rock, lemon cream, meringue, lemon verbena caviar, crumble, orange blossom ice cream)
27. Vanilla bean
(Creme brulee, Greek honey jelly, dulce de leche, spiced crumble, surprise ice cream)
28. Chocolate
(Smoked mousse, soft milk chocolate jelly, cookies cream, sponge cake, beetroot-cocoa ice cream)
29. Cheese Platter
(Jelly and olive jelly, hazelnut powder, vinyl syrup, locust bean nuts)


30. Veuve Clicquot Glass / Bottle
31. Moet & chandon ice imperial/ Bottle
32. Laurent perrier cuvee rose
33. Dom Perignon Vintage 2008
34. Armand de brignac brut gold

Sparkling wines

35. Prosecco Glass / Bottle
36. Moscato D' Asti Glass / Bottle
37. Amalia Brut (Producer: Tselepos/ Bottle

White wines

38. Santorini white wine by the glass
39. Aidani (Producer: Argyros Glass / Bottle
40. Asyrtiko Santorini (Producer: Argyros Bottle
41. Santorini Barrel (Producer: Sigalas)< Glass / Bottle
42. Pure Santorini (Producer: VSV) glass / Bottle
43. Assyrtiko de Mylos (Producer: Hatzidakis)glass / Bottle
44. Nykteri (Producer: Venetsanos)Glass / Bottle
45. Malagousia (Producer: Gerovassiliou)/ Bottle
46. Sauvignon Blanc Fume (Producer Alfa) Glass / Bottle
47. Vivlia Chora (Producer: Vivlia Chora Glass / Bottle
48. Ovilos (Producer: Vivlia Chora Glass / Bottle
49. Mantineia (Producer: Nasiakos glass / Bottle
50. Sabbatiano (Producer: Papagiannakos) glass / Bottle

Rosé wines

51. Vivlia Chora Syrah (Producer: Vivlia Chora) Glass / Bottle
52. Pink bang (Producer: Techni Oinou) glass / Bottle

Red Wines

53. Santorini red wine by the glass
54. Atlantis (Producer: Silver) Glass / Bottle
55. Mm (Producer: Sigalas) Glass / Bottle
56. Gaia S (Producer: Gaia) Glass / Bottle
57. Evangelo (Producer: Gerovasileiou) glass / Bottle
58. Avaton (Producer: Gerovasileiou) glass Bottle
59. Pinot Noir (Producer: Alfa) Glass / Bottle
60. Mova (Producer: Kokkalis) Glass / Bottle
61. Chateau Julia Merlot (Producer: C. Lazaridis) glass / Bottle
62. Chateau Porto Carras (Producer: Porto Carras) glass / Bottle
63. Cabernet Sauvignon (Producer: Dereskos) Glass / Bottle
64. Naoussa (Producer: Diamantakos) Glass / Bottle
65. La Tour Melas (Producer: Melas) Glass / Bottle
66. Nemea Reserve (Producer: Semeli) Glass / Bottle

Dessert wines

67. Vinsanto 4 years old (Wine producer: Argyros) Glass / Bottle
68. Apiliotis (Wine producer: Sigalas) Glass / Bottle


69. Chios fresh beer 330ml
70. Mythos 330ml


71. Ouzo by the glass

Soft Drinks

72. Coca Cola 250ml
73. Coca Cola light 250ml
74. Fanta 250ml
75. Bottle of water 1lt
76. Natural carbonated mineral water 750ml


77. Negroni & tonic (Negroni blend infused red fruits, cranberry bitters, top up premium tonic, grapefruit sphere)
78. El Greco sour
(Vodka, green apple liqueur, thyme & honey cordial, sage foam, fake honeycomb)
79. Padre Notre
(Spiced rum, mastic, pineapple puree, spiced syrup, rhubarb bitters, dehydrated blueberry pineapple)
80. Clockwork Mandarin
(Tequila Blanco Mandarine jam, hearty chamomile, salt rim, chamomile & mandarine jelly)
81. Mystery Carden (Non Alcoholic)
(Spiced Syrup, Fresh Icem juice, top up grapefruit soda, sweet cherry tomato)
82. Premium Drinks




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