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Indian restaurant in the center of Piraeus, with authentic Indian dishes and flavor spices. Try the classic Chicken Tikka, Chicken morsels marinated in yogurt and spices Mashal, baked in tandoori oven. Also aromatic Daal Tarka lentils cooked with mustard, onion and curry will amaze you! Even the famous pies samosas, the papadams, and rotiyan Indian bread baked in tandoori and much more await you close by to try them!



1. Mynbess Salad
2. Rayta
(Yogurt with different Masala like sauce )


3. Channa Masala
(Chickpeas cooked with onion, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and spices)
4. Daal Tarka
(Creamy lentils with aromatic spices)
5. Daal Mash
(Mashed Lentils cooked with chilli and curry Mashala)


Seafood Specialties

6. Zinga Vindaloo
(The famous fiery goan prawn with curry )
7. Prawns Masala
(Large prawns sauce with exotic herbs)

Vegetables Recipies

8. Allo gobi
(Cauliflower and potatoes dised and sauteed with cumin seeds)
9. Saag Paneer
(Fresh spinach and homemade cheese sauteed in light spices)
10. Mattar Paneer
(Fresh peas and homemade cottage cheese cooked in a spicy curry sauce)
11. Spinach
(Spinach cooked with curry and chilli)

Hot and cold appetizers

12. Chicken pakora
(Succulent chicken, marinated in an exquisite blend of spices,dipped in lentil butter and deep – fried )
13. Samosa
(Savory pastry filled, with lightly spicy vegetables)
14. Paped Rools
(Vegeterian or chicken. With various fillings wrapped in crust lentil, well fried)
15. Papantams


16. Naan
(a light bread baked in tandoori )
17. Garlic naan
(bread stuffed with lightly spicy garlic)
18. Onion naan
(bread stuffed with sauteed onions but not spicy)
19. Tandoori Roti
(brown flour bread baked in the tandoori )

Tandoori Namoone

20. Tsapli kebab
(Chunks of goat meat marinated in a blend of 24 masala spices cooked in tandoori )
21. Seekh kebab
(goat meat rolls with spices cooked in tandoori )
22. Chicken seekh Kebab
( chicken Breast fillet stuffed with mild spices, cooked in tandoori )
23. Chicken Tikka
(chicken pies marinated in yogurt and masala spices cooked in tandoori )
24. Chicken Tandoori
(Tender chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, grilled in tandoori )

Beef Specialties

25. Beef curry
(Beef cooked with chilli & curry Mashal)
26. Beef Vindaloo
(Beef cooked with very hot chilli & curry Mashal)
27. Beef Madrasi
(Beef cooked in spicy coconut sauce)

Chicken Specialties

28. Chicken tikka Masala
( chicken tikka marinated in cooked in a spicy curry sauce)
29. Chicken Korma
(A rich chicken dish cooked in the tradition way of Mughal kitchen)
30. Chicken Madras
(Chicken cooked in a spicy coconut sauce)
31. Chicken Vindaloo
(a famous frier with goan red chicken curry and spicy hot chili )
32. Chicken curry
(Chicken cooked with onion and curry curry Masala)
33. Chicken jalferezi
(Chicken cooked with onion and curry Masala)

Meat Specialities

34. Mutton Kerrahi
(Tender goat cubes sauteed with onion, ginger garlic and tomatoes)
35. Mutton Madrasi
(Meat without bone with chillies and curry Madrasi)
36. Mutton curry
(Lamb cooked in fine red sauce with chilli and curry )
37. Mutton lady finger
(Lamb cooked with lady finger & curry masala)
38. Mutton Vindaloo
(Lamb cooked with very hot chilli sauce )

Rice Varieties

39. Boiled rice
(Boiled basmati rice)
40. Palau
(Basmati rice cooked with saffron, lightly spicy)


(A princely moghulai specialty .

Tender chicken , goat cubes or prawn , marinated in yogurt,

freshly ground spices and herbs steam with basmati and saffron ) 41. Chicken Biryani
(Biryani with tender chicken )
42. Mutton Biryani
(Biryani with tender goat cubs)
43. Prawn Biryani
(Biryani with tender prawns)





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