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Timeless spot, Istioploikos in Mikrolimano waiting you to live unique moments overlooking the sea. Whatever level you happen to be – cafe or restaurant – You feel like you are traveling in a luxurious cruise ship. The magic of the place complement nearby sailboats, that slip lazily in water and luxury boats swaying in the Marina. Since 1996 Istioploikos puts its own stamp on personal or your corporate meetings, giving them a distinctive luxury feel.



1. Carpaccio of sea bass
(fillet marinated in lemon, olive oil and finely shredded fennel)
2. Steamed mussels
(with “malaguzia” wine and lime)
3. Sautéed mussels in tomato sauce and crumbles of feta cheese
4. Fried squid*
(with basil sauce served on allumette potatoes)
5. Grilled squid* with lemon and olive oil vinaigrette
6. Deep – fried squid*
7. Sautéed shrimps* with ouzo sauce
8. Grilled shrimps* with lemon and olive oil vinaigrette
9. Sautéed shrimps* with parmesan sauce
10. Deep – fried Baby shrimps* and parsley salad
11. Sautéed shrimps
(sautéed shrimps* in tomato sauce with feta cheese crumbles)
12. Fried Langoustine tail meat* with caper sauce
13. Sautéed octopus* with olives and caper
14. Grilled octopus* served with marinated cherry tomatoes
15. Marinated anchovies
16. Grilled “haloumi” cheese served with lemon and olive oil vinaigrette
17. ‘Saganaki’ traditional cheese served fried
18. Baked “Kadayif” pastry with Greek cheeses, drizzled with honey
19. Grilled vegetables with homemade rocket pancakes
and aromatic greek yoghurt dip
20. Greek fresh Tomato patties and yoghurt sauce
21. Fried zucchini with a dip of fresh aromatic herbs
22. Traditional fish roe spread
23. Charred aubergine spread
24. Fresh fried potatoes
25. Assorted seafood platter


26. Green salads
(with cherry tomatoes, bite – sized barley rusks, fresh greek cheese,
lemon and olive oil dressing)
27. Cretan barley rusks
(fresh tomato, olives, spring onion, capers,
traditional cheese ‘manouri’ and olive oil)
28. Traditional Greek salad
29. Rocket salad
(with cherry tomatoes, parmesan flakes
and pine nuts with balsamic – honey glaze)
30. Crunchy salad
(leaves with smoked salmon, lime and dill)
31. Fresh mixed salad ‘Istioploikos’
32. Young salads
(leaves, shrimps*, grilled squid*, asparagus spears, cherry tomatoes
and basil pesto dressing)

Risotto – Spaghetti

33. Cuttlefish* risotto
(with or without the ink, flavored with Samos sweet wine)
34. Mascarpone Risotto with vegetables and soya sauce
35. Shrimps* risonioto steamed
(with white wine and colorful vegetables)
36. Lobster*
(in the oven with risoni pasta, fresh tomato sauce and aromatic herbs (1 portion))
37. Linguine with lobster *
(cherry tomato sauce with a hint of garlic and fresh parsley)
38. Linguine with seafood* in fresh tomato sauce tossed with parsley
39. Chicken tagliatelle with sun – dried tomatoes
and young rocket leaves
40. Penne with pork tenderloin bites,
parmesan flakes and fresh vegetables

Main dishes

41. Grilled fresh fish or baked in salt crust (per Kg)
42. Grilled shrimps* Νο 1 (per Kg)
43. Grilled shrimps* Νο 2 (per Kg)
44. Grilled sea bream
(with steamed greens, carrots and herbs sauce)
45. Sea bass fillet
(and green asparagus spears with lime dressing)
46. Grilled salmon
(with vegetable ‘spaghetti’, lemon and olive oil dressing)
47. Veal fillet
(with mustard sauce and baby potatoes)
48. Grilled pork
(tenderloin in sweet paprika sauce with asparagus, mushrooms and baby potatoes)
49. Grilled chicken fillet and vegetables


50. Lukumades
(greek fried puffs with honey and cinnamon or hazelnut praline)
51. Cheese cake with blackberry sauce
52. Dark chocolate fondant
(with vanilla ice cream and sauce anglaise)
53. Brownies with vanilla ice cream
54. Crispy almond biscuit
(with caramelised green apples, vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce)
55. Ice cream of your choice (3 scoops)
56. Fresh fruits of the season





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