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Idol cafe – restaurant is located in the beautiful Fira in a magnificent location. It is famous for its amazing cuisine and unique recipes. It has the best cuisine with dishes carefully cooked with the purest and freshest ingredients.
You will have the opportunity to enjoy your dinner in an idyllic setting. The view of the volcano and the unforgettable sunset will make your evening unforgettable.


1. Choice of 6 dishes from the chef
Degustation I
2. Choice of 8 dishes from the chef
3. A la Polita with Peas
(Artichokes with peas and fennel)
4. Seafood
(Fresh fish and vegetables)
Variety of handmade fresh bread rolls
5. Fava Stew
(Fava beans with rabbit Bolognese, truffle, caper leaves)
6. Sountzoukakia Strapatsatha
(Meat balls, slow cooked egg, graviera cheese foam, tomato fondue)
7. Santorini Sea Bass
(Colourful cherry tomatoes, marinated sea bass, olive powder, kumquat, grilled pepper sauce)
8. Tomato Fritter
(Santorini’s tomato fritters, crispy sardines, tsalafouti cheese foam)
9. Stuffed Shrimp
(Stuffed shrimp with king crab in crispy sesame crust on prickly pear fish roe salad)
10. Octopus-Shrimps Saganaki
(Octopus carpaccio, potatoes confit, shrimps saganaki mayo)
11. Earth And Water
(Scallops, shrimp, Greek salad sauce with peach, slow cooked beef and red pepper marmalade with coriander)
12. Smoked Santorini Salad
(Multicoloured cherry tomatoes, smoked cod fish, carob soil, olive powder, smoked fresh cheese)
13. Beetroot Cube
(Beetroot salad, spinach, walnut, goat cheese, orange, aged balsamic with chocolate sauce)
14. Tuna
(Quinoa, celery, asparagus, black eyes peas, fennel, tuna confit, cherry tomatoes, egg, lime anchovy dressing)
15. Chicken
(Green salad with chicken, red fruits, yogurt, crispy bacon, caramelized nuts)
All Pasta made fresh in-house
16. Ink
(Tagliolini with cuttlefish ink, crawfish and shrimps tartar, caper, lemon citrus)
17. Deep Sea
(Fresh pasta stuffed with crab, bouillabaisse sauce, shrimp, shellfish)
18. Giouvetsi Stifado
(Orzo pasta with oxtail stew, wild mushrooms, mint, vinsanto)
19. Mushrooms Leak-Celery
(Risotto with wild mushrooms, leek, celery, lemon egg sauce, fresh herbs)
20. Santorini
(Fresh tagliatelle with chicken, white eggplant, cherry tomatoes, graviera cheese)
Main Dishes
21. Squid with Bean Soup
(Grilled squid, oven black beans cream, sausage, carrot, celery)
22. Monkfish Savoro
(Monkfish fillet, trahanas pasta, sweet pumpkin, smoked pork, raisins, rosemary)
23. Sea bass with Beetroot Skordalia
(Sea bass fillet, skordalia, black garlic, beetroot purée)
24. Seafood Giouvarlakia
(Crab and fish fillets cake, lemon cream with truffle aroma, sea urchin)
25. Tuna with Eggplant Salad
(Red tuna, smoked red pepper purée, eggplant salad semifreddo)
(Ask the Waiter)
27. Combo for 2
(lobster, shrimps, shellfish, scampi, octopus, squid)
28. Grilled Lobster
29. Lobster with fresh pasta
30. Original King Crab-Grilled
31. Quail Confit
(Quail with black lentils, raisings, pork in wine (loutza), aged balsamic sauce)
32. Chicken with Spinach
(Chicken bar, graviera foam, spinach cream, crispy pastry)
33. Lamb Frikase
(Lamb bar, celeriac root, chicory, egg-lemon foam)
34. 'Like' Mousaka
(Beef cheeks, potatoes confit, eggplant cream, goat cheese)
35. 'The Souvlaki'
(Slow baked pork belly, crunchy potatoes, caramelized onion with tomato, tzatziki sauce, black garlic, pickled cucumber)
Meat Grill
36. Picanha BLACK ANGUS (300gr.)
37. BLACK ANGUS RIB EYE (300gr.)
(aged vermouth with chocolate sauce)
For 2
39. WAGYU TOMAHAWK STEAK (1200-1500gr.)
Sides (Ask your Waiter)
40. Lemon
(White chocolate scented with yuzu, lemon cream, lemon confit, mint cookie and red pepper)
41. Banofee
(Dulcey white chocolate cream, vanilla ice cream, Oreo cookie, fresh banana, liquid butter candy)
42. Crater
(Bitter chocolate, cocoa cake, praline cookie, raspberry sauce and violet, edible gold powder)
43. Greek coffee
(Milk chocolate scented with Greek coffee, butter cookie and rose)
44. Melitini
(Traditional Santorini sweet in the form of cup cake with cream cheese scented with mastic and mastic ice cream)




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