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Greeks tend to associate pleasure with homemade food, quality wine and good company. Heirs of the richest gastronomy in the world, richest in materials, in way of cooking, culture and wisdom, they always search for a special hangout that combines the intimate atmosphere of home with their mama’s kitchen aromas. At the traditional, family-owned Gods’ Restaurant, you will feel right at home with the rustic and hospitable atmosphere, but it is the father who heads the kitchen here. With 50 years of cooking experience, he works alongside the executive chef to create authentic Greek recipes, like the traditional finger-licking dolmades (meat and rice wrapped in grapevine leaves with egg and lemon sauce), the famous Lamb “kleftiko” in the pot or the ancient Greek recipe, fried feta cheese wrapped in phyllo pastry with honey and black sesame.


Menu Bronze


1. Velvety pumpkin soup (pumpkin, ginger, orange)
2. Mushroom soup
(Trilogy mushrooms with basil aromas)


3. Flutes with katiki Domokos and sundried tomato
4. Tartare calf
(Olive oil, onion, lemon, capers, gherkin)


5. Linguine with fresh vanilla seafood (shellfish, tomato, parmesan)
6. Asparagus risotto (parmesan, lemonothymaro)
7. Risotto primavera
(Vegetables, artichoke, pine nuts, basil)
8. Papardelle pork (chestnuts, beetroot, pecorino)


9. Mixed salad with goat cheese
(Arugula, lola, pantzarofylla, sun dried tomatoes, balsamic honey sauce)
10. Green salad with pear, pomegranate and walnut
(Spinach, arugula, apple-vinegar sauce)


11. Shelter steak with potatoes and asparagus
12. T-bone milk with vegetable butter
13. Chicken fillet stuffed grilled red pepper and coolis
(Bacon, cheese, sundried tomato and carrot puree)
14. Bream fillet stuffed with spinach and pepper confit
(Accompanied with flavored mashed potatoes)


Traditional Cuisine

15. Variety of bread with olive pate or olives
16. Moussaka
17. Beef Casserole
18. Lamb in Hull
19. Stuffed Avgolemono
20. Baked meatballs with pita
21. Pork lemon
22. Pita Day
23. Pulses
24. Soup
25. Platter of traditional dishes for 2


26. Margarita
27. Prosciutto, arugula, parmesan


28. Italian
(With Iceberg, Parmesan,
Prosciutto and basil sauce)
29. Cheeseburger (iceberg, cheddar, with caper sauce)
30. Greek (feta, tomato, olives and ladorigani)


31. Garlic bread
32. Tzatziki
33. Fava
34. Feta cheese ladorigani
35. Spicy cheese dip
36. Athenian feta with honey, leaf and black sesame
37. grilled oyster mushrooms
38. Fried cheese
39. French fries
40. Octopus tentacle grilled
41. Octopus
42. Squid grilled
43. Squid fried
44. grilled shrimp
45. Mussels steamed with sparkling wine


46. Traditional
47. Great Greece
(Tomato, mozzarella and basil sauce)
48. Gods
(Grilled chicken, vegetables, oil cheese and honey sauce)
49. Farmer
(Spinach, arugula, lettuce, carrot, cabbage, mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomatoes and parmesan)
50. Espresso
51. Constisted of dogs
(Arugula, cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, marinated artichokes and oil cheese)
52. Salmon (tender salad and orange sauce)

Pasta / Risotto

53. Spaghetti with tomato basil sauce
54. Spaghetti with minced meat
55. Spaghetti with basil
56. Penne with chicken and mushrooms
57. Linguine with vegetables and slice
58. Spaghetti fisherman
59. Risotto mushrooms
60. Risotto chicken bacon

Above all

61. Whole grilled seabass with steamed vegetables
62. Squid grilled with steamed vegetables
63. Grilled shrimp with steamed vegetables
64. Cod fried with garlic sauce
65. Assorted grilled seafood for 2 persons
66. Grilled lamb chops with grilled vegetables and crushed potatoes pancakes
67. Pork chops grilled
68. Pork steak
69. Burgers grilled
70. Filet grilled chicken
71. Xoirino grilled skewer
(With pie, potatoes, tzatziki, tomato and onion)
72. Chicken skewer
(With pie, potatoes, tzatziki, tomato and onion)
73. Grilled kebab with pita bread, potatoes, tzatziki, tomato and onion
74. Gyros with pita bread, potatoes, tzatziki, tomato and onion
75. Mixed grill for 2 with sectional fries


76. Baklava
77. Yogurt-honey
78. Samali Mastic
79. Walnut chocolate
80. Honey donuts or chocolate
81. Ice cream selection


White Dry

82. Papagiannakos Savatiano 750ml
83. Arvanitidi Sorokos 750ml
84. Mulatto, Muscat Hamburg 750ml
85. Dark Edges 750ml
86. Potsios Fox 750ml
87. Lyrarakis, Vilana 750ml
88. Potsios, Assyrtiko Malagouzia 750ml
89. Potsios, Assyrtiko 750ml
90. Nasiakos Mantinia Semeli 750ml
91. Sigala, Athiri Asyrtikov 750ml
92. Ilesion, Ancient Greek Wine 750ml
93. Domaine Matsa, Malagouzia 750ml
94. Tsantali Glebe 750ml
95. Gentilini, Robola 750ml
96. Palyvou, Stone Slopes 750ml
97. Lawyer, Tank 750ml
98. Douloufakis, White Rabbit 750ml
99. N. Lazaridi, Cavalieri 750ml
100. Tsililis, Domaine Theopetra 750ml
101. Karipidis, Chardonnay 750ml
102. Alpha Estate 750ml
103. Books Country, Sideways 750ml
104. Estate Argyros Barrel 750ml
105. Oinogenesis, X (Ten) 750ml
106. Bulk Wine (Bottle / Glass)

Rosé Dry

107. Potsios, Pelican 750ml
108. Vineyards Mykonos Aigaia Vine 750ml
109. Vourvoukeli, AVDIRA 750ml
110. Tsililis, Domaine Theopetra 750ml
111. Evampelos Earth Philoctetes 750ml

Red Dry

112. Potsios, Merlot 750ml
113. Lyrarakis, Kotsifali 750ml
114. Zacharias Vineyards, Vine Light 750ml
115. Arvanitidi, Sorokos 750ml
116. Boutari, Naoussa 750ml
117. Potsios, Syra 750ml
118. Aidarini, Goumenissa 750ml
119. Potsios, Cabernet Savinion 750ml
120. Palyvou, Nemea 750ml
121. Papagiannakos, Merlot 750ml
122. Ilesion, Ancient Greek Wine 750ml
123. Tsantali, Glebe 750ml
124. Myrampelos, Mediterra 750ml
125. Karipidis, Syra 750ml
126. Douloufakis, White Rabbit 750ml
127. Hatzimichalis, Agklianiko 750ml
128. Alpha Estate 750ml
129. Books Country, Sideways 750ml
130. Gerovassiliou, Abaton 750ml
131. Bulk Wine (Bottle / Glass)


132. Kechri, Amber 500ml
133. Papagiannakos 750ml
134. Kechri, In background Rose 750ml

Carbonaceous Wines

135. Cuvee Laurent, Les Vins Breban
136. Prosecco 1821 Zonin 750ml
137. AMYNTAIO Rose Demi Sec 750ml
138. Moët & Chandon 750ml

Special bottles

139. Co. Tyrnavou, Rodinos 187ml
140. Boutari, Pink Kong 187ml
141. Tsililis, Bianco Nero Moscato 200ml
142. Ceretto, Moscato d ‘Asti 375ml
143. EOS Samos, Samos Nectar 500ml
144. Billecart-Salmon Brut 375ml Champagne


145. Plomari 50cl
146. Plomari 200ml
147. Babatzim 200ml
148. Barbayanni Green or Blue
149. Apalarina 200ml


150. Ntarraios 50cl
150. Kardasi (aniseed) 50cl
151. Tirnavos (without) 100cl
152. Babatzim (without) 200ml
153. Dekaraki 200ml


154. Just drinks
155. Mastic (glass)
156. Rakomelo 250ml


157. Ask the cocktail of your choice


158. Mythos Draught 500ml
159. Mythos Draught 330ml
160. Volkan (Santorini) 330ml
161. Volkan Black (Santorini) 330ml
162. Sep- Honey (Evia) 330ml
163. Krone 355ml
164. Kaiser 500ml
165. Guinness 440ml
166. Weihenstephan 500ml


167. Greek odd
168. Greek double
169. Espresso odd
170. Double espresso
171. Cappuccino
172. Frappe
173. French
174. American
175. Irish
176. Chocolate
177. Hot Tea


178. Coca-Cola 250ml
179. Coca-Cola Zero 250ml
180. Coca-Cola Light 250ml
181. Fanta 250ml
182. Sprite 250ml
183. Schweppes 250ml
184. Natural Mineral Water 500ml
185. Natural Mineral Water 1lt
186. Sparkling Water 330ml
187. Carbonated Water 0,75Lit
188. Freshly squeezed orange juice





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