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Flora restaurant is located in Oia, Santorini.

In a beautiful and pleasant environment we are waiting for you to enjoy wonderful flavors.



1. Tzatziki
(with fried zucchini)
2. Feta cheese
(cooked in the oven with tomato, pepper and spicy tomato sauce)
3. Shrimp or mussels saganaki
(with basil, tomato and feta sauce)
4. Bruschetta
(with Mastelo cheese from Chios, prosciutto from Evritania, basil pesto and Santorini cherry tomato)
5. Steamed Mussels
(in fennel gravy essence and saffron)
6. Seafood Ballotine
(of salmon rolls with cream cheese, marinated calamari with basil pesto and shrimps with tomato sauce, feta)
7. Traditional tomato fritters
(accompaniment with a dip of tzatziki)
8. Santorinian Fava
(with sweet paprika and capers)
9. Grilled octopus
(on 'politiki' salad)
10. Fried calamari
11. Vegetarian Moussaka
(with eggplant, potato, garlic, tomato and cheese)
12. Meatballs
(with fresh fried potatoes with Santorinian tomato sauce)
13. Grilled Talagani
(with forest fruit jam)
14. Grilled Vegetables
(with olive oil-lemon sauce and Philadephia)
15. Selection of cheese
16. Selection of cold cuts


17. Spinach & Rocket salad
(cherry tomato, prosciutto, parmesan, pine nuts & balsamic dressing)
18. Greek Caprese salad
(tomato, manouri cheese, rocket, basil pesto dressing)
19. Tuna salad
(french lettuce, iceberg, lettuce, herbs with light mayonnaise sauce)
20. Traditional Greek salad
(tomato, cucumber, pepper, feta, capers, olive oil, Cretan ntako, oregano & onions)
21. Green salad
(french lettuce, lola rosa, orange fillet, sunflower seeds, graviera cheese, croutons, honey dressing)
22. Caesar's salad
(iceberg, french lettuce, croutons, parmesan, bacon, chicken, caesar's dressing)


23. Special
(Tomato sauce, yellow cheese mix, ham, bacon, peppers, mushrooms, rocket, cherry tomatoes)
24. Pepperoni
(Spicy tomato sauce, yellow cheese mix, salami, bacon, pastrami)
25. Vegetarian
(tomato sauce, yellow cheese mix, tricolor peppers, onion, olives, mushrooms, oregano)
26. Margarita
(tomato sauce, yellow cheese mix)

Pasta - Risotto

27. Penne with turkey
(broccoli and cream cheese)
28. Real Carbonara
(with egg yolk and speck)
29. Premavera
(with tricolor peppers, olives, tomato sauce and mushrooms)
30. Risotto
(tied with goat cheese and vegetables)
31. Seafood orzoto
(lobster bisque, fresh mussels, calamari, shrimp)
32. Trilogy mushroom risotto
(porchini, portobello, shampignon and white truffle oil)

Flora's Dishes

33. Lamb Moussaka
(aromatized with mastiha on homemade tomato jam)
34. Beef tenderloin
(with Hollandaise sauce and roastie potato)
35. Roasted Chicken
(cooked in a vacuum sealed bag accompanied with celeriac puree with ouzo fennel sauce)
36. Beef burger
(with goat cheese, caramelized onions, rocket,tomato, thyme mayo-mustard sauce)
37. Chicken Burger
(breaded with com flakes, Cheddar, lettuce, tomato and refreshing sauce)
38. Salmon fillet
(cooked with the sous vide method on vegetable napoleon and refined citrus fruits sauce)

Sparkling Dessert Wine50ml / 500ml

39. Sparkling Santowines
(Brut from 100% Assyrtiko, Santorini)
40. Prosecco Bianconero (white, rose) 200ml / 750ml
41. Aromatic Sparkling Moschato, Thessaly
42. Vinsanto Santowines

White Wines75ml / 150ml / 750ml

43. Paraga Kir - Yanni
(Roditis, Macedonia)
44. Malagouzia Alpha Estate
(Malagouzia, Macedonia)
45. Savignon Karipidi Karipidis Winery
(Sauvignon Blanc, Thessaly)
46. Tera Nera Karamolegos Winery
(Assyrtiko, Santorini)
47. Aidani Estate Argyros
(Aidani, Santorini)
48. Katsano Gavalas Estate
(Katsano, Santorini)
49. Nykteri Santowines
(Assyrtiko-Athiri-Aidani, Santorini)
50. Anosis Ktima Lantides
(Moschofilero, Peloponisos)
51. Assyrtiko Sigalas Estate

Rose Wines75ml / 150ml / 750ml

52. Feggites Oinogenesis
(Cabernet Sauvignon - Grenache Rouge, Macedonia)
53. Askitikos Tsililis Winery
(Moschato Tyrnavou, Thessaly)
54. Ean Domain Sigalas
(Mayrotragano, Santorini)
55. Fteri Troupis Winery
(Agiorgitiko - Moschofilero, Peloponnisos)
56. Theopetra Theopetra Estate
(Xinomavro, Thessaly)

Red Wines75ml / 150ml / 750ml

57. HedGehog
(Xinomayro, Macedonia)
58. Mayrotragano Estate Argyros
(Mayrotragano, Santorini)
59. Little Ark Ktima Lantides
(Xinomayro - Agiorgitiko, Peloponnisos)


60. Chocolate pie
(with housemade pistachio ice-cream)
61. Lemon tart
62. Cheesecake
(with homemade strawberry jam)
63. Homemade Orange Pie
(with kaimaki ice-cream)
64. Homemade baklavas
(with kaimaki ice-cream)
65. Kadaifi
(with kaimaki ice-cream)

Coffees / Beverages1 shot / 2 shots
(Flavor Syrup)
66. Espresso Single / Double
67. Freddo Espresso
68. Cappuccino Single / Double
69. Freddo Cappuccino
70. Greek coffee Single / double
71. Filter coffee
72. Frappe / Nes
73. Frappe with ice cream
74. Irish coffee
75. Freddoccino
76. Fruit Smoothies
(strawberry, peach, passion fruit)
77. Chocolate (hot / cold)
78. White Chocolate (hot)
79. Hot Teas
(Earl Gray, English Breakfast, Ceylon, Black, Green, Lemon, Chamomile, Mint)
80. Cold Teas Peach, Lemon

Soft Drinks

81. Orangeade 0.23lt
82. Lemonade 0.23lt
83. Soda water 0,23 lt
84. Indian Tonic Water 0.23lt
85. Sour Cherry 0.23lt
86. Pink Lemonade 0.23 lt
87. Lemon Soda (Gazzosa) 0.23lt
88. Coca Cola / Coca Cola light 0.25lt
89. Ginger beer 0.2lt
90. Sparkling Water 0,33lt / 1lt
91. Still Water 0.5lt / 1lt

Healthy Suggestions

92. Fresh orange juice
93. Fresh fruit cooler
(mixed with 4 different fruits)
94. Tomato juice
95. Virgin Mary
(tomato juice with salt & pepper, worcestershire)
96. Milk shake


Floras signature cocktails

97. Scarface
(Bacardi carta blanca, aperol, almond syrup, lemon juice, egg white, angostura bitters)
98. Fightclub
(Plymouth gin, whey syrup, lemon juice, nutmeg)
99. Count of Monte Cristo
(El dorado 5yr., Grapefruit syrup, apricot creams, edmont chilli, kamm & sons, lemon juice, soda water)
100. Notebook
(Skinos, beefeater, basil leaves, chili syrup, 3 cents bergamont & mandarin soda water)
101. Devil's Advocate
(Strawberry, peppercorn, absolute, lillet blanc, lime juice, sugar syrup, egg white)
102. Scent of woman
(Few grain gin, earl gray syrup, lemon juice, egg white)
103. Aviator
(Campari, punt em es, grapefruit bitters, 3 cents grapefruit soda water)

Classic choices

104. Sparkling Sagria
(Cucumber, Absolute, Orange Liqueur, Dry White Wine, Rose Water, Soda Water)
105. Aperol Spritz
(Prosecco, aperol, soda water, orange bitters)
106. Cosmopolitan
(absolute citrus, Cointreau, lime juice, cranberry juice)
107. Margarita
(Jose cuervo bianco, Cointreau, lime juice, sugar syrup, salt rim)
108. Moscow Mule
(Smirnoff, lime juice, ginger beer)
109. Espresso Martini
(Smirnoff, espresso coffee, kahlua, vanilla syrup)
110. Mojito
(Bacardi, lime juice, sugar syrup, mint, soda water)
111. Caipirinha
(Cachaca, lime wedges, sugar)
112. Daiquiri
(Qassic or with flavor (strawberry, peach or passion fruit)

Mocktails (Non Alcoholic Cocktails)

113. Virgin Mohito
(Brown sugar, mint, lime, soda water)
114. Virgin Mary
(Tomato juice, tabasco, lemon juice, wastersauce, salt & pepper, celery stalk)
115. Pink Lemonade
(elderflower cordial, lemon juice, granadine, lemonade, levander)
116. Passion Cooler
(passion puree, lime juice, mint, soda water)


117. Heineken 0,33lt
118. Amstel 0,33lt
119. Alfa Draft 0,33lt / 0,5lt
120. Alpha Bottle 0,33lt
121. Alfa Weiss
122. Sol 0,33lt
123. Radar 0,33lt
124. Amstel free (non alcoholic) 0,33lt
125. Yellow Donkey 0.33lt
126. Red Donkey 0,33lt
127. Crazy Donkey 0.75lt

Premium Spirits

128. Diplomatico Reserva Exclusive Rum
129. Zacapa Rum
130. Vida Mezcal
131. Tito's Vodka
132. Belvedere Vodka
133. Tanqueray 10
134. Hedrick's Gin


135. Famous Grouse
136. Dewar's
137. Cutty Sark
138. Jameson Irish Whiskey
139. Johnnie Walker Red Label
140. Johnnie Walker Black Label
141. Chivas Regal

142. Metaxa 7 *
143. Metaxa 12 *

Liquers / Bitters / Vermouth

144. Drambuie
145. Grand Marnier Yellow
146. Kahlua
148. Bailey's
147. Dolin Rosso
148. Dolin Bianco
149. Amaretto
150. Campari
151. Aperol




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