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You will go back many years when you taste your first bite of our traditional Greek dishes.

Family owned and operated since 1981 from the first restaurants that opened in Perivolos, with a tradition of seafood and our freshly prepared dishes.

Mum’s traditional recipes from local ingredients and local wines. Choose a dish from our menu and enjoy it by the sea. Our sunbeds are waiting for you to swim in the waters of Santorini and leave your tread on the black sand.

In the idyllic atmosphere of Perivolos beach coastline you can enjoy your favorite flavors of the traditional Greek cuisine and a unique Aegean gastronomy island celebration.

Leave it to us to guide you through the fascinating world of the famous Santorini gastronomy with best local Greek Wines and Service.


1. Bread portion
2. Seafood options
3. Fisherman’s soup
4. Stuffed squid
(boiled vegetables)
5. Grilled squid
(boiled vegetables)
6. Fried squid
7. Shrimps grilled or fried
(boiled vegetables)
8. Steamed Shrimps
(colorful peppers, olive oil, lemon sauce, dill)
9. Shrimps saganaki
(feta cheese, ouzo, capers, tomatoe sauce)
10. Grilled octopus
(olive oil, vinegar, oregano)
11. Steamed mussels
(colorful peppers, olive oil, lemon sauce, garlic, wine)
12. Mussels saganaki
(feta cheese, ouzo, tomato sauce)
13. Fried cod fish with garlic dip
(salted with boiled vegetables)
14. Sardines grilled or fried
15. Mix fish platter Grilled
(fish of the day, squid, shrimps, mussels)
16. Mix fish platter o Perivolos Special
(lobster, fish, octopus, squid, shrimps, mussels)

Pasta & Risotto

17. Seafood linguine
(shrimps, squid, octopus, mussels, tomatoe sauce, wine sauce, garlic)
18. Shrimps linguine with fresh tomatoe, ouzo and basil
19. Shrimps risotto with fresh tomatoe, ouzo and basil
20. Seafood risotto
(shrimps, squid, octopus, mussels, tomatoe sauce, wine sauce, garlic)
21. Lobster risotto by the kg
22. Mussel linguine
(mussels, garlic, wine, saffron)
23. Lobster portion Santorini
with linguine shrimps and mussels 500 gr
24. Lobster Santorini with linguine by the kg
25. King crab portion
(shrimps, squid, octopus, mussels, tomatoe sauce, wine sauce, garlic)


26. Shrimps orzo with fresh tomatoe, ouzo and basil
27. Mussels orzo
(wine, saffron)

Cold starters

28. Cold Dip platter Perivolos
(tzatziki, fish roe dip, spice cheese, greek olives, eggplant dip, garlic dip, staffed grape leaves)
29. Tzatziki homemade
30. Fish roe dip white
31. Spice cheese salad dip homemade
32. Garlic dip homemade
33. Eggplant dip with Santorini white eggplant
34. Variatey of greek olives
35. Chloro cheese of Santorini
36. Marinated anchovies
(garlic, vinegar, olive oil)
37. Octapus in vinegar
(vinegar, olive oil, herbs and vegetables)
38. Traditional hot starters
39. Fava of Santorini Yellow split peas with capers and onions
40. Fried Santorini tomato balls with tzatziki
41. Zucchini fried with tzatziki
42. Eggplant fried with tzatziki
43. Santorini sausage with Santorini’s yellow split peas
44. Country style beef sausage
(with tzatziki and potatoes)
45. Hot grilled vegetables salad
(colorful peppers, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoe, onions, goat cheese, balsamic vinegar, olive oil)
46. Greek saganaki cheese fried
47. Feta cheese spicy in the oven
48. Freshly fried chips


49. Fisherman’s salad
(shrimps, octopus, squid, mussel, mixed vegetables, olive oil, lemon sauce)
50. Santorini salad
(cretan rusk, chloro cheese, santorini cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onions, capers, caper leaves)
51. Perivolos salad
(mixed vegetables, sun dried tomatoe, cretan rusk, rocket, graviera cheese flakes, cucumber, balsamic vinegar, Santorini cherry tomatoes)
52. Greek salad
(tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese, peppers, onions, capers, oregano, olive oil)
53. Green salad
(lettuce, peeled tomatoe, cucumber, olives, peppers, pickle peppers, olive oil, lemon sauce)
54. Dakos traditional
(cretan rusk dipped in ouzo, feta cheese, tomatoes, olives, capers, oregano, pickle peppers)
55. Tomato cucumber salad
(tomatoe, cucumber, olives, olive oil, oregano)
56. Season greens boiled
57. Season vegetables mix boiled

Fish on charcoal

58. Santorini Lobster per kg
served with grilled or boiled vegetables
59. Red snapper per kg
60. Black bream per kg
61. Silver snapper per kg
62. Grouper per kg
63. Scorpion fish per kg
64. Red mullets per kg/portion
65. Cod fish per kg
66. Tuna portion/per kg
67. Balades portion/per kg
68. Mix fresh fish variety per kg

Meat dish over charcoal

69. Lamb chops portion 0.500 gr
70. Veal steak
71. Pork steak
72. Chicken fillet
73. Chicken suvlaki
74. Beef burger stuffed with feta cheese
75. Mix Grill platter Perivolos
(lamb chops, pork chops, chicken fillet, beef burger, beef sausage, Santorini sausage)
76. Served with fresh fried chips or rice

Greek cuisine

77. Mousaka
78. Pastitsio
79. Stuffed tomato and pepper
80. Roast chicken in oven with potatoes
81. Veal in tomato sauce with Linguine, rice or potatoes
82. Vegetables orzo
(season vegetables)
83. Lamb shank Kleftiko
84. Μeatballs with tomato sauce
85. Pasta Bolognese


86. Baklava with ice cream
87. Sweet of the day
88. Souffle chocolate with ice cream
89. Yogurt with fruits
90. Yogurt with honey
91. Yogurt with walnuts and honey
92. Fruitsalad with ice cream

Ice creams

93. Vanilla
94. Perivolos special
(vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, banana)
95. Chocolate
96. Pistachio
97. Banana


98. Babatzim 200ml
99. Dekaraki 200ml
100. Tsilili without anise 200ml
101. Apostolaki 200ml
102. Gatsiou 200ml
103. Canava 200ml
104. Raki 100ml
105. Raki by the glass 50ml
106. Cinnamon-honey raki 100ml


107. Plomari 200ml
108. Pitsiladi 200ml
109. Varvagiannis green 200ml
110. Varvagianni blue 200ml
111. Apalarina 200ml
112. Matareli 200ml
113. Babatzim 200ml
114. D’Artemis 200ml
115. Kazanisto 200ml
116. Canava 200ml
117. Ouzo by the glass 50ml

House wines

118. White, Rose, Red 500ml
119. White, Rose, Red by the glass
120. Vinsanto by the glass
121. Sangria by the glass
122. Mezzo Santorini by the glass


123. Mamos draught beer small glass
124. Mamos draught beer big glass
125. Alfa
126. Mythos
127. Kaizer
128. Volkan Santorini
129. Blue monkey Santorini
130. Heineken
131. Radler
132. Alcohol free beer

Fresh Juices

133. Grange, lemon, Strawberry


134. Vanilla, Banana, Chocolate, Pistachio

Soft drinks

135. Coca cola (light, zero) 250ml
136. Sprite 250ml
137. Fanta lemon/orange 250ml
138. Ice tea peach/lemon 330ml
139. Soda water, Tonic 250ml
140. Sparkling water 750ml
141. Water 1 litre


142. Esresso (single/double)
143. Cappuccino
144. Americano
145. Frappe ice cream
146. Freddo espresso
147. Freddo cappuccino
148. Tea (black, green)




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