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Fabrica Efrosinou restaurant is located at the intersection of the An. Zinis 34 & Androutsou 27 street in Koukaki. A small food list that works with three basic rules, respecting the material, high requirements and an effort to maintain. Working with producers who are connected with what they have done and are faithful to what they know better! Our list focuses on seasonal products and is often enriched to reflect the endless flow of things.



1. Roca Spinach
(with cherry tomato, zucchini, vinaigrette molasses, cucumber and sesame seeds)
2. Cherry tomato with sour cream cheese
(organic cherry tomato – fresh mint – sour cream cheese, Kozanitic feta)
3. Tabouleh
(with groat, chopped tomato, fresh onion, parsley, fresh mint, lemon juice,
spice mix and flavored cool yoghurt)
4. Grilled Vegetables
(Organic eggplant-organic carrot-Florina pepper-zucchini,
onion-tomato in dressing and fresh aromatic)


5. Bread wheat (white and whole grain)
(Oven MAMA bread, Koukaki)
6. Smoked mackerel
7. Cured beef of sea
(smoked cod fillet with tsemeni)
8. Kavourmas Komotini
(beef & lamb from Imeros Komotini)
9. Smoker Steak
(pork steak smoked in cedar)
10. Mushrooms sauteed in Malagousia Chrysostomos
(mushrooms & fennel root, fresh onion, in garlic oil with thyme)
11. Fava with caper leaves
(pea-laurel with fresh onion, lemon, olive oil)
12. French fries
(potato Archangelos Kilkis)
13. Moustopiperia Amyntaio
(pickled pepper and cabbage in molasses & wine must)


14. Zakynthos ladotry with pepper jam
(intense spicy cheese from sheep and goat milk preserved in pure virgin olive oil)
15. Grilled Manouri with sesame and Olive Jam
(Soft cheese PDO Grevena)
16. Touloumotiri Kozani
(creamy goat’s cheese first milking)
17. Gruyere of Kalamata
(sheep and goat milk Cheese factory ‘Diakoumis’ Kopanaki Messinia)
18. Kefalograviera of Kalamata
(sheep and goat milk Cheese factory ‘Diakoumis’ Kopanaki Messinia)
19. Scotiti Niotiko with mandarin marmalade
(spicy cheese with a creamy texture and a special flavor (savory) of sheep and goat and cow’s milk)
20. Pepper Metsovo or goat cheese type Serv

Land & Hull

21. Grilled beef liver
(from Greek young calf)
22. Steak beef
(from Greek young calf)
23. Chicken fillet leg and breast free-range
(in spice marinade)
24. Grilled Beefburger
(from Greek young calf)

The Chef suggests

Daily dishes from the land and the sea

25. Smooth organic pumpkin soup with ginger
26. Sarmadakia
(stuffed vine leaves with rice and pine cone)
27. Cretan salad
(with Galomizithra, cherry tomatoes, green-red peppers and rocket)
28. Salad with lentils, smoked mackerel and pickle okra
29. Gruyere from Syros (Fragkosyriani) 8 months of aging
30. Manoura cheese gilomeni
(cheese of maturing which has wine lees)
31. Apladi cheese
(wrapped in homemade pie crust-served with honey and walnuts)
32. ITSLI kefte from Instabul
(stuffed bulgur dumplings)
33. Chickpeas with kokkari (small bulb of onion) and carrot
34. Homemade pie
(with seasonal herbs, spinach and feta cheese)
35. Spicy-Smyrna style
(minced beef homemade pie with raisin & pistaccio)
36. L’ entrecote
(spare rib from veal flavored with herbs slowly cooked in clay pot)
37. Slowly roasted and braised veal tongue, served with organic pumpkin puree
38. Coq in clay pot with fresh herbs
39. Octopus with aubergine puree
40. Pan-Roasted Shrimps from Amvrakikos Bay sauteed in Malagouzia wine


41. Chocolate soufflé
42. Tiramisu
43. Apple pie
44. Homemade spoon sweet





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