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At the intersection of routes 121 Ermou & Astingos 18 is the coffee tavern Dipylon. In a beautiful and pleasant environment, we expect you to enjoy delicious delicacies. With creative cuisine throughout the day.



1. Greek coffee
2. Double Greek coffee
3. Nes cafe frappe
4. Filter coffee
5. Espresso
6. Double espresso
7. Espresso freddo
8. Cappuccino
9. Double cappuccino
10. Cappuccino freddo
11. Freddoccino

Special Coffees

12. Nes cafe frappe with ice cream
13. Nes cafe frappe with Baileys
14. Cappuccino freddo with ice cream
15. Cappuccino freddo with Baileys
16. Irish coffee


17. Hot or cold chocolate
18. Cold chocolate with ice cream


19. Tea hot or cold
(various flavors)
20. Tea with cognac
21. Extra whipped cream

Fruit juices

22. Orange juice
23. Lemon juice
24. Fruit punch
25. Fruit punch with alcohol
26. Loux juices
(Flavours of orange, peach, apple-oragne-carrot mixed, extra 9 multivitamin)
27. Fruit salad
(from fresh fruits of season)


28. Kataifi
29. Baklavas
30. Apple pie
31. Ravani
32. Walnut pie
33. Chocolate pie
34. Yogurt with honey
35. Chocolate souffle
All sweets are served with ice cream with 1,50€ moreover.

Ice creams & milk shakes

36. Vanilla
37. Chocolate
38. Strawberry
39. Banana
40. Special
The ice creams are served with 3 scoops.


41. Toast with ham** and cheese
42. Club Sandwich
(tripple toast bread with cheese, ham**, bacon, lettuce, tomato, fried potatoes and sauce)

Traditional pies

43. Sfakiani pita*
(pie with slightly sour cheese and honey)
44. Cheese pie*
45. Spinach pie*
46. Pastourma pie


47. Simple
48. Ham** with cheese
49. Special wit ham**, cheese, mushrooms, peppers and onions
50. Bread


51. Greek salad
(with tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper, olives, feta cheese and olives)
52. Tomato Cucumber salad
53. Cretan Dakos
(is bearly rusks with finely chopped tomato,
feta cheese, oregano, parsley and olive oil)
54. Cretan salad
(with tomato, cucumber, feta cheese, rocket,
onion, pepper and balsamic vinegar)
55. Green salad
(with lettuce, rocket, parmesan
and balsamic vinegar)
56. Gardener salad
(with fresh seasonal vegetables)
57. Collard greens salad
(boiled fresh seasonal greens)
In the salads we use olive oil.


58. Feta
(D.O.C., the classic white cheese which is
made from sheep’s or goat’s milk)
59. Kefalograviera
(D.O.C., a mild, unripened,
gruyere – type cheese)
60. Cheese variety
(includes: feta cheese, gruyere cheese, smoked
cheese and emental cheese)

Cold Starters

61. Fava yellow split peas, with chopped onions and olive oil
62. Patatosalata
(salad with potato, finely chopped onion,
green and red peppers, parsley and olive oil.)
63. Taramosalata
(fish roe, mixed with bread crumbs and mashed potato.)
64. Tzatziki
(is a dip made from strained yogurt,
cucumber, garlic and extra virgin olive oil.)
65. Melizanosalata
(is a dip made from peeled
roasted eggplant, onion, feta cheese, peppers,
pine nuts and olive oil.)
66. Dolmades
(grape vine leaves, stuffed with rice)
67. Spice cream cheese

Hot starters

68. Sardines grilled
79. Anchovies marinated
70. Potatoes freshly cut fried potatoes
71. Baked feta cheese
(in foil with tomato and paprika)
72. Fried feta cheese
(in puff pastry parcel with honey and sesame)
73. Saganaki fried
(gruyere – type cheese)
74. Saganaki
(fried with sudzhuk sausage)
75. Shrimps* saganaki
(baked in the oven with tomato sauce, feta cheese and peppers)
76. Cheese croquettes*
(mix with 4 kinds of cheeses)
77. Haloumi
(is a traditional Cypriot cheese on the grill)
78. Courgettes fried
(with garlic sauce)
79. Eggplants fried
80. Courgettes balls
(kneaded with goat cheese and dill)
81. Meatballs
(fried from fresh veal mince meat and herbs)
82. Mushrooms
(with cream and Philadelphia spread cheese)
83. Mushrooms plevrotous
84. Baked eggplants
(with fresh tomato, feta cheese and parsley)
85. Fried peppers
86. Grilled peppers
(stuffed with cheeses)
87. Bekri meze
(small pork meat pieces, baked with tomato and peppers with skightly piquant taste)
88. Bougiourdi
(with tomato, peppers and feta cheese)
89. Vegetables
90. Tomato balls
(with feta cheese, dill and onion)
91. Bourekakia*
(ham** and cheese in puff pastry)
** Frozen product
In frying use sunflower.

Sword fights

92. For 2 persons
93. For 4 persons

Meat variety

includes: burger veal, grilled sausages, chicken fillet, slices of pork neck, cheese,
tomato, cucumber, cheese salad, olives, potato salad, bourekakia and peppers.
94. small plate
95. medium plate
96. large plate

Mix grill

includes: burger veal, grilled sausages, chicken fillet, slices of pork neck and fries
97. For 2 persons
98. For 4 persons

Seafood variety

includes: octopus* vinegar, squids* fried,
shrimps* fried, potato salad, tomato, cucumber,
grape vine leaves and croquettes
99. small plate
100. medium plate
101. large plate

Mixed meat & Seafood variety

includes: burger veal, grilled sausages, chicken fillet, pork thin chops, tomato,
cucumber, cheese, potato salad, octopus* vinegar squids* fried, shrimps* fried
102. medium plate

Traditional Cooked

103. Mousakas
(is a traditional dish made from layers of potatoes, eggplants,
chopped meat and topped with a custard sauce.)
104. Lamb Kleftiko
105. Gemista
(peppers and tomatoes stuffed with rice)

Grilled Meat

106. Lamb souvlaki
(served with fried potatoes, tomato and lettuce)
107. Pork souvlaki
(served with fried potatoes, tomato and lettuce)
108. Chicken souvlaki
(served with fried potatoes, tomato and lettuce)
109. Chicken fillet
(served with fried potatoes, tomato and lettuce)
110. Burger veal
(served with fried potatoes, tomato and lettuce)
111. Pork thin chops
(served with fried potatoes, tomato and lettuce)
112. Sausage grilled
113. Tigania
(small fried pork steaks, tomato peppers with lemon sauce)
114. Kebab*
(served with pita bread, fried potatoes, tomato, onion and tzatziki)
115. Veal chop
(served with fried potatoes, tomato and lettuce)
116. Pork tenderloin served
(served with fried potatoes, tomato and lettuce)
117. Pork chop
118. Lamb chops

Sea food

119. Anchovies fried
120. Squids* fried
121. Octopus* marinated in vinegar
122. Octopus* grilled
123. Shrimps* grilled or fried
(served with salad)
124. Sea bream fresh, grilled
(served with salad)
125. Codfish fried
(served with garlic sauce)
126. Swordfish* grilled
(served with salad)


127. Napoliten
(with fresh tomato sauce and parmesan cheese)
128. Bolognese
(with fresh veal mincemeat and salty cheese)
129. Carbonara
(with cream, ham** and parmesan cheese)
130. Spaghetti with octopus*
(fresh tomato sauce, and peppers)
131. Spagetti with shrimps*
(fresh tomato sauce and peppers)


132. Draught small glass Alfa, 250ml
133. Draught large glass Alfa, 500ml
134. Amstel, 500ml
135. Heineken, 500ml
136. Alfa, 500ml
137. Amstel Pilsner, 500ml
138. Fischer, 500ml
139. Sol, 330ml

Soft Drinks

140. Loux orangeade 250 ml
141. Loux Plus ‘n Light orangeade 250 ml
142. Loux non carbonated orangeade 250 ml
143. Loux lemonade 250 ml
144. Loux Plus ‘n Light lemonade 250 ml
145. Loux sour cherry 250 ml
146. Loux cola 250 ml
147. Loux cola Plus ‘n Light 250 ml
148. Loux traditional gazoza 250 ml
149. Loux soda 250 ml
150. Coca – Cola 250 ml
151. Coca – Cola Zero 250 ml
152. Coca – Cola light 250 ml
153. Tonic 250 ml
154. Mineral water 500 ml
155. Mineral water 1 lt


156. Ouzo, verre MINI, 40ml
157. Ouzo verre MINI avec des entrees, 40ml
(tomato, concombre, fromage, poivrons, olives)
158. Ouzo MINI, 200ml
159. Ouzo Plomari, 200ml
160. Ouzo Varvagianni, 200ml
161. Ouzo Pitsiladi, 200ml


162. Glass of tsipouro Gatsios, 40ml
163. Glass of tsipouro Gatsios with deli, 40ml
(tomato, cucumber, cheese tirokafteri)
164. Tsipouro Tsilili, 200ml
165. Tsipouro Tymavou, 200ml
166. Tsipouro Gatsios, 200ml
167. Tsipouro unbottled Gatsios, 200ml
168. Rakomelo Amorgiano, 100ml
169. Rakomelo Amorgiano, 250ml
170. Rakomelo Amorgiano, 500ml


171. Whiskey simple, 40ml
172. Whiskey special, 40ml
173. Vodka, 40ml
174. Gin, 40ml
175. Tequila, 40ml
176. Shabuka, 40ml
177. Kahloua, 40ml
178. Baileys, 40ml
179. Campari, 40ml
180. Martini, 40ml
181. Metaxa 3*, 40ml
182. Metaxa 5*, 40ml
183. Coups, 25ml

White wines

184. Glass of wine, 150ml
185. Wine Jag, 500ml
186. Retsina Malamatina, 500ml

Red wines

187. Glass of wine, 150ml
188. Wine jag, 500ml
189. Glass of sangria, 150ml
190. Sangria jag, 500ml





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