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Taverna Dionysos is a family run restaurant specializing in traditional Greek cookery as well as an exciting range of international dishes. At Dionysos we also provide our popular set menu offering three courses for one price. We welcome reservations for wedding receptions, parties and christenings. Please accept our invitation to enjoy a mean to remember in a beautiful surroundings and service you will never forget.


1. Bread – Cover
2. Soup of the day


3. Greek salad
(cucumber, tomatoes, onions, peppers, olives, feta cheese)
4. Cretan salad
(with dako, fresh thyme, tomato, onions, feta and olive oil)
5. Roasted vegetables
(with aromatic vinaigrette balsamic and smoked metsovone cheese)
6. Chicken salad
(with lettuce, cucumber, red peppers crouton, chicken, crispy bacon)
7. Brusketa
(with tomato, anthotyro (soft white cheese), fresh basil, balsamic and olive oil)
8. Mixed green salad
(with orange hazelnuts, gorgontzola and vinaigrette with fruits of forest)

Gold Appetizers

9. Tzatziki
10. Eggplant salad
11. Cheese spicy salad
12. Feta cheese

Hot Appetizers

13. Special combination appetizer for 2 person
(With meat balls, fried fyllo pastry (stuffed with cheese and ham), eggplants, zucchini, calamari and tzatziki)
14. Fried squid
15. Fried eggplants with tzatziki
16. Fried zucchini with tzatziki
17. French fries potatoes
18. Potatoes o’gratin
(With cream, gouda, parmesan, ham and peppers)
19. Stuffed vineleaves
(with rice & hot lemon sauce)
20. Fresh spinach sote
(With spice and cheeses in the oven)
21. Fried meatballs
(in tomato sauce)
22. Creamed mushrooms
23. Pan-fried sausage
(in tomato, peppers, feta cheese and onion)
24. Pan-fried hard cheese
25. Pan-fried shrimps
(in tomato sauce with rosemary, ouzo and feta cheese)
26. Feta cheese in he oven
(with tomato, onions and spicy pepper)
27. Sauteed mushrooms
(with garlic and lemon)
28. Pastry rolls
(with ham, cheese)

On the grill

29. Grilled beef steak
30. Beef steak
(with cream & mushrooms)
31. Mixed souvlaki
(with beef, chicken, lamb and pork on a skewer)
32. Mixed grill
(with lamb chop, beef liver, chopped steak, beef chunk, pork and chicken)
33. Grilled beef liver
(with carameled onion, and fresh mushrooms)
34. Grilled burger
35. Grilled burger Metaxa
(with metaxa sauce, pineapple and cheese)
36. Stuffed grilled burger
(with your favorite filling)
37. Grilled fillet mignon
38. Grilled lamb chops
39. Grilled pork fillet
40. Grilled pork stuffed fillet
(with pepper, onion, halloumi, tomato, cheese)
41. Grilled chicken fillet
42. Chicken souvlaki
43. Lamb souvlaki
44. Pork souvlaki
45. Pepper steak


46. Moussakas
(eggplants, potatoes, ground beef, cream top)
47. Beef in tomato sauce
(with potatoes rice or spaghetti)
48. Lamb kleftiko
49. Beef stifado


50. Pork Dionysos
(chunks of pork fillet with green pepper. mushrooms and gravy sauce)
51. Pork schnitzel
52. Pork gordon blue
(stuffed cutlet with ham and gouda cheese)
53. Pork fillet Ziri House
(with cream, mushrooms, green pepper and pineapple)


54. Grilled swordfish fillet
55. Swordfish souvlaki
(chunks of swordfish on a skewer)
56. Fried or grilled shrimps
57. Seafood combination
(swordfish, squid, shrimps and octopus)
58. Sparky fish – red snapper
(portion 400 gr)

Fresh fillet mignon of beef

59. Fillet mignon
(with mushrooms and cream sauce)
60. Fillet mignon
(with green pepper and cream sauce)
61. Fillet mignon
(with roquefort cheese sauce)
62. Fillet mignon Diavola
(with cream, mushrooms, shrimps, red peppers and brandy)
63. Fillet Stroganof
(chunks of fillet mignon with cream sauce brandy, mushrooms and paprika)
64. Fillet mignon Metaxa
(chunks of fillet mignon with mushrooms and Metaxa brandy sauce)
65. Chateau briam for 2 persons
(with wine, cream and mushrooms)
66. Fillet mignon Dionysos
(chunks of fillet mignon with gravy sauce, green peppers and mushrooms)


67. Chicken schnitzel
(breaded chicken fillet)
68. Chicken Metaxa sauce
(with chunks of chicken with brandy sauce pineapple and cheese)
69. Chunks of chicken
(with cream sauce and mushrooms)
70. Chunks of chicken with curry
(with tomato, garlic, onion, ginger)
71. Chicken Dionysos
(with chunks of chicken with wine sauce, green pepper and mushrooms)
72. Chicken with mustard sauce
(with mustard sauce and cream)
73. Chicken Vera Cruse
(with tomato, garlic, mushrooms, onion, peppers, black olives, spicy)
74. Chicken
(with sun dry tomato and feta cheese)


(Choice of spaghetti – penne)
75. Napolitan
(with tomato sauce and basil)
76. Bolognaise
(with tomato sauce and minced meat)
77. Polo
(with chicken, mushrooms, garlic and cream)
78. Arabiata
(with tomato, garlic, cognac and cream sauce)
79. Carbonara
(with bacon, cream sauce and eggs)
80. Marinara
(with Sea food)
81. Picolo Modo
(with cream sauce, garlic, onions, pepper, mushrooms, ham, bacon, roquefort and waster sauce)
82. Vegetable
(with fresh vegetable, anthotyro (soft white cheese) fresh spearmint and tomato sauce)

Soft Drinks

83. Orangeade
84. Lemonade
85. Coca Cola
86. Coca Cola light
87. Sprite
88. Tonic
89. Perrier
90. Soda
91. Orange juice fresh
92. Water 1 L
93. Water 0,5ml


94. Strongbow
95. Beer Amstel 500ml
96. Beer Mythos 500ml
97. Beer Heineken 500ml
98. Beer Alfa 500ml
99. Draft beer 300ml
100. Draft beer 500ml


101. Ouzo
102. Metaxa 3*
103. Metaxa 5*
104. Campari
105. Martini
106. Vodka
107. Tequila
108. Gin
109. Bacardi
110. Whisky
111. Schnapps
112. Cointreau
113. Drambuie
114. Tia Maria
115. Grand Marnier
116. Baileys
117. Jack Daniels


118. Yoghurt – Honey
119. Yoghurt – Sour cherry
120. Baklava
121. Baklava with ice cream
122. Walnut cake with ice cream
123. Chocolate souffle with ice cream
124. Brownie cake με παγωτό

Ice Cream

125. Chocolate
126. Strawberry
127. Pistachio nut
128. Ice cream special
129. Fruit salad with ice cream
130. Banana split
131. Vanilla

132. Seasonal fruits


133. Nes cafe
134. Greek coffee
135. Irish coffee
136. Cappuccino
137. Espresso
138. Tea
139. Frappe
140. Frappe with ice cream

141. Lamb souvlaki
142. Lamb chops
143. Lamb cacciatore
(with tomato sauce, green pepper, onion, garlic, mushrooms)
144. Mixed souvlaki with pork & chicken
145. Moussaka
146. Chicken Dionysos
(with gravy sauce, green pepper, mushrooms)
147. Chicken souvlaki
148. Chicken cacciatore
(with tomato sauce, onion, peppers, garlic, mushrooms)
149. Chicken with Metaxa sauce
150. Chicken schnitzel
151. Pepper steak
152. Beef stifado
(in tomato sauce with baby onions)
153. Pork souvlaki
154. Pork schnitzel
155. Mixed grill
156. Swordfish souvlaki
157. Pork fillet
(with mushrooms – Asparagus)
158. Mixed plate
(with kalamari, lamb chops)
159. Pork fillet ‘ziri house’
(with cream, mushrooms, green pepper, pineapple)
160. Lamb kleftiko
161. Grilled fish

Presents the complete dinner menu including tzatziki or soup and Greek salad one from the main course, with coffee.

White wine

162. Mantinia Nasiakos / Semeli 750ml
(Produced from Moschofilero grown in vineyards at Zevgolato in the Mantinia Region. Best served at 9°c, it accompanies fish and seafood delicacies.)
163. Nico Lazaridi / The Black sleep 750ml
(Varieties: semilion, sauvignon blanc. Served: with shellfish, lean white meats, salads with light dressing and pasta.)
164. Nico Lazaridi / Lion D’or chardonnay 750ml
(Varieties: chardonnay 100%. Perfect pairing: an excellent accompaniment to seafood and summer dishes.)
165. Paranga / Kir Yanni 750ml
(Roditis 80%, Malagousia 20% / it’s a dry white wine.)
166. Moschofilero Boutari 750ml
(Type: white, dry. Variety 100%.)
167. Imiclykos / Cavino 750ml
(Enjoy it as aperitif or together with fish, pasta or salads.)
168. Domaine matsa, Malagouzia 750ml
(Malagouzia matsa from organically grawn grapes.)
169. Chardonnay / Cavino 750ml
(Accompanies seafood, pastas and white cheese.)
170. Sauvignon blanc / cavino 750ml
(Accompanies seafood, pastas.)
171. Retsina 500ml

Red wine

172. Grande Reserve / Cavino 750ml
(Agiorgitiko grapes, it ages 24 months in oak barrels and matures 2 more years in the bottles. Accompanies red neat and natural cheese.)
173. Nemea Reserve / Semeli 750ml
(Agiorgitiko grapes. This wine matures for 12 months In brench oak barrels and has a deep ruby color, With pasta with red sauces red meat and cheese)
174. lmiglykos / Cavino 750ml
(Red medium sweet wine. Accompanies traditional Greek dishes and red meat.)
175. Caberet Sauvignon / Cavino 750ml
(Accompanies red meat and mature yellow cheese)
176. Alpha estate Syrah 750ml
(Variety composition, Syrah 100%. Ageing 9 in French, Line grain, medium toast oak casks and 15 months In the bottle.)
177. Chateau Porto Carras 750ml
(Variety international: Cabernet franc, Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot. Variety of Greek: Limnio)

Rose wine

178. Akakies / Kir Yianni 750ml
(Dry rose wine. A bright rose color, intense aromas Of red fruits and crisp freshness compose one of the Best expessions of the Xinomauro panted.)
179. Books of land 750ml
(Varietal composition: Syrah 100%)
180. Semali 750ml
(Medaille of france 2016 Produced from the agiorgitiko grapes variety. Accompanies: grilled lamb cutlets as well as Traditional Greek vegetable dishes.)

House wine

181. White 1000ml
182. White 500ml
183. White 250ml
184. Glass
185. Red 1000ml
186. Red 500ml
187. Red 250ml
188. Glass
189. Rose 1000ml
190. Rose 500ml
191. Rose 250ml
192. Glass

Sparkling wines

193. Martini Asti 750ml
(Variety: Mescal)
194. Rosato / Deus 200ml
(Natural sparkling rose wine)





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