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Dia Tafta is a second-generation family business and our goal always remains to offer our clients the best possible quality, with dishes inspired from different areas in Greece.Apart from our classic menu that covers the most traditional Greek dishes, we try to evolve by bringing new ideas and flavors into our menu.Our suppliers are carefully checked and selected in order to bring to our customers the best quality product that Greek nature can give us. We try to use as many Greek products as possible and therefore guarantee the freshness and high standard of our dishes.


Sweet – Ice Cream

1. Baklava
2. Chocolate soufflé
3. Apple pie
4. Yogurt with honey
5. Ice cream
(with sweet cherry and roasted almonds)
6. Ice Cream (2 balls)
(chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, pistachio, cream)
7. Milkshakes (2 balls)
8. Jams
(fig, cherry, bergamot, quince, grapes)


9. Toast cheese
10. Toast ham – cheese
(pork shoulder)

Coffee – Drinks

11. Greek coffee
12. Greek coffee double
13. Espresso
14. Espresso double
15. Cappuccino
16. Double cappuccino
17. Coffee latte
18. Frappe – Ness
19. Filter coffee
20. Freddo Espresso
21. Freddo cappuccino
22. Frappe with ice cream
23. Frappe Baileys
24. Irish
(coffee, whipped cream, whiskey)
25. Chocolate hot or cold
26. Chocolate Viennoua
27. Tea flavored
(simple, lemon, green, berries, jasmine, bergamot, mountain tea, chamomile)


28. Amita juices
(orange, lemon, apple, banana, peach, pineapple, cherry, fruit cocktail)


29. Orange or lemon
30. Apple or banana
31. Mixed


32. Refreshments
(coca cola, sprite, Loux (orange and lemon), tonic, soda)
33. Cold tea
34. Carbonated water (0.33lt)
35. Bottled water (1lt)


36. Fix Hellas
(blonde glass)
37. Fix royal weiss
(glass 0.50lt)
38. Fix dark
(glass 0.33lt)
39. Fix dark
(bottle 0.33lt)
40. Fix Hellas lager
(bottle 0.33lt)
41. Mythos (0.5lt)
42. Heineken (0.5lt)
43. Amstel (0.5lt)
44. Kaiser (0.5lt)
45. Amstel free (0.5lt without alcohol)
46. Hofbrau
(Weiss bier 0.5lt)
47. Hofbrau
(Dunkelgold Black 0.5lt)

Traditional Spirits & Beverages

48. Ouzo glass
49. Raki glass
50. Raki 100raki
51. Rako and honey 100raki
52. Ouzo Plomari Mini (200ml)
53. Ouzo Barbayanni (200ml)
54. Ouzo Pitsiladi (200ml)
55. Tsipouro Apostolakis (200ml)
56. Tsipouro Tsililis (200ml)
57. Tsipouro Dekaraki (200ml)
58. Tsipouro Babatzim (200ml)
59. Tsipouro Tyrnavou 100raki (100ml)
60. Drinking simple
61. Drink special, cocktails

Bulk Wines

62. Carafe 0.5lt
(white, rosé, red, semisweet)
63. Sangria (glass)
64. Sangria (pitcher 1lt)

Sparkling Wines

65. Bianconero white, Tsililis (187ml)
(Variety: Muscat Hamburg, Origin: Thessaly)
66. Bianconero rose, Tsililis (187ml)
(Variety: Muscat Hamburg, Origin: Thessaly)

White Wines 750ml (glass of wine 3.50€)

67. Amber Retsina (500ml)
(Variety: Roditis – Savatiano, Origin: Thessaloniki)
68. Queen of Hearts, Nikos Lazaridis
(Variety: Sauvignon Blanc, Assyrtiko and Muscat of Alexandria, Origin: Drama)
69. Melios, Domaine Britziki
(Variety: Roditis Origin: Ancient Olympia Ilia)
70. Santorini Sigalas
(Variety: Assyrtiko OPAP, Origin: Santorini)
71. Thema, Pavlidis
(Variety: Sauvignon Blanc, Assyrtiko, Origin: Drama)

Rosé Wines 750ml (glass of wine 3.50€)

72. Meliastos, Spyropoulos BIO
(Variety Moshofilero, Origin: Mantineia)
73. Acacias, Kyr Gianni
(Variety: Xinomavro, Origin: Naoussa)

Red Wine 750ml (glass of wine 3.50€)

74. King of Hearts, Nikos Lazaridis
(Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Origin: Drama)
75. Nemea Domaine Gofas
(Variety: Agiorgitiko, Origin: Koutsi Nemea)
76. Paragka, Kyr Gianni
(Variety: Xinomavro, Merlot, Syrah, Origin: Florina)
77. Limnio, Domaine Kikones
(Variety Limnio, Origin: Komotini)
78. Domaine Vivlia Chora
(Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Origin: Kavala)
79. Mavrodaphne Patras Tsantalis
(Variety Mavrodaphne, Origin: Patra)


80. Greek salad with crackers and extra virgin olive oil
81. Salad vegetables – carrot
82. Green salad with sour cream cheese Crete (PDO)
(lettuce, arugula, sundried tomatoes, sour cream cheese, bun Psirri & vinaigrette)
83. Mediterranean
(arugula, lettuce, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese, Crete, croutons, vinaigrette of aged balsamic vinegar)
84. Chicken Salad
(vegetable garden, lettuce, carrots, cherry tomatoes, croutons & citrus vinaigrette)
85. Salad Dia Tauta
(in nest rustic nut with tomato, xinomyzythra Crete, roasted sesame vinaigrette
aged balsamic vinegar)
86. Ntakakia
(Kythira oil nuts and freshly grated tomato, feta cheese, oregano, olives and extra virgin olive oil)
87. Boiled seasonal vegetables


88. Tzatziki with traditional yoghurt
89. Tyrokafteri with feta and ricotta
90. Handmade eggplant salad by Athos with sesame
91. Fish rore salad Aegean Sea
92. Fried zucchini sticks with yogurt mint
93. Fava Feneou with caramelized onions
94. Zucchini balls with feta and herbs
95. Feta cheese of honey nut crust breaded in Kythera
served with honey and sesame
96. Bougiourdi Constantinople with feta cheese, peppers and chilli
97. Saganaki Kefalotyri classic
98. Grilled Sausage Farsalon
99. Meatballs traditional with ouzo flavor and yogurt sauce
100. Fried mixed (chicken, pork, sausage)
with thyme and white wine
101. Small cured beef pie by Caesarea
102. Rolling handmade cheese pie by Skopelos
103. Eggplant baked with fresh tomato and feta
104. Oyster mushrooms grilled
105. Homemade fries with oregano and thyme
106. Gruyere Mylopotamou Crete
107. Feta cheese Arcadia (PDO)
108. Assorted appetizers – meat
(mini skewers chicken, pork chops, bacon, sausage, meatballs, fried cheese, zucchini,
savory pies, melitzanompoureka, spicy cheese, crispy pie, tomato, cucumber, pickles, olives)

The established cooked of Dia Tauta

109. Vegetable soup veloute
110. Cabbage rolls of Dia Tauta
111. Moussaka
112. ‘Mastichato’ fillet chicken with mastic sauce, fennel and mushrooms


113. Penne ‘melanzana’ cooked sauce
tomatoes with aubergines, feta and olives
114. Spaghetti with fresh tomato basil sauce and garlic
115. Spaghetti with meat ragout sauce
116. Striftadia (twisted pasta) with onion stakovoutyro and syglino


117. Skewer pork with thyme and oregano, pies and companion of your choice
118. Pork gyros traditional portion of pita,
tzatziki and fresh fries
119. Pork chops with oil, lemon and thyme
120. Giaourtlou kebab Armenian traditional
121. Skewer chicken with oregano and lemon,
served with pita bread, tzatziki and fresh fries
122. Chicken fillet with steamed vegetables
123. Burger calf fermented with homemade materials
124. Lamb chops portion with fresh rosemary and pitas
125. Grilled tenderloin with french fries or boiled vegetables
126. Beef steak garnished with milk
boiled vegetables or homemade french fries
127. Mixed grill for 2 persons
(burgers, chicken fillet, pork chops, bacon, sausage, fresh fries)


128. Anchovies fried in parchment paper
129. Grilled sardines with lemon and oil oregano and parsley
130. Squid fried in parchment paper
131. Illex grilled with aromatic lemon
132. Grilled octopus with apple cider vinegar and thyme
133. Shrimp fried or grilled (5pcs)
134. Grilled salmon with steamed vegetables
135. Bream farm grilled
136. Assorted seafood
(shrimp, calamari, grilled octopus and Illex, mussels, anchovies, shrimp, fish roe salad)
137. Bread – Olives





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