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D’Achille Bistro Bar-, located in the pedestrian Balaoritou in the center of Athens since 2001! Here you will find speciality coffee, the best cappuccino in town, fresh salads, pizza, sandwiches and homemade food dishes. In D’Achille, outside of other events and wine and coffee. We are looking forward to a warm, welcoming and beautiful space to share with you our love for coffee and wine. You bring with you to your good mood and smile.



1. Mushrooms
(metsovone cheese flavored, olive oil and aged balsamic)
2. Capriccio
(fillet of beef with parmesan flakes, baby arugula, apple and aromatic olive oil)
3. Cretan dakos
(with handmade tomato sauce with fresh herbs, capers, olives and xynomyzithra)
4. Tomato mozzarella with virgin olive oil and fresh pepper
5. Platter cold cuts
6. Cheese Platter


7. Baby arugula, cherry tomatoes, flakes of parmesan cheese and honey vinaigrette
8. Green salad with mixed greens, chevre goat cheese and walnut vinaigrette
9. Salad with prosciutto, rantisio, lettuce, iceberg, mozzarella, pear, cherry tomatoes and honey sauce
10. Tender salad
(with salmon, smoked cheese, dill and honey vinaigrette and moustrardas with mustard)
11. Colorful salad
(with a variety of fresh vegetables, tomatoes, baked croutons, fruits, and sunflower vinaigrette with herbs)
12. Caesar’s salad

PIZZAS with delicate handmade dough

13. Margarita
14. Prosciutto arugula parmesan
15. Cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and sliced olives


16. Spaghetti with tomato sauce with basil and other Mediterranean herbs
17. Tagliatelle with tuna and fresh tomato
18. Penne with fresh tomato, feta cheese, sliced olives and peppers


19. Prosciutto, arugula, parmesan and fresh pepper
20. Beef fillet, metsovone cheese, tomato, iceberg (optional mustard sauce)
21. Smoked steak, cream cheese, iceberg & sundried tomatoes
22. Salami, cheese, tomato sauce & dijon
23. Smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill and lime zest
24. Hot dog (ketchup & mustard sauce or mustard & BBQ sauce)
25. Special dish 2hot dog
26. Club Sandwich (white or brown bread)
27. Club Sandwich vegeterian with egg, tomato, carrot and cream cheese


28. Vineyards Vasileiou
(producer Vasileiou – Variety Savatiano – Rhoditis)
29. Mantinea Tselepou (producer Tselepos – Variety Mantinea)
30. Kikones Maroni (producer Tassou – Variety Malagouzia)
31. 4 Lakes
(producer Yianni – Variety Chardonnay-Gewurztraminer)
32. Property Dougos (producer Dougos – Variety Chauvignon blanc)


33. Property Theodorakakos Organic
(producer Theodorakakos – Variety Mavroudi)
34. Nemea Kingdom (producer Kingdom – Variety Aghiorghitiko)
35. Kikonos Limnos (variety pond)
36. Domaine Mercouri
(producer Mercouri – Variety Refosco – Mavrodaphne)
37. Earth and Sky (producer Thymiopoulos – Variety Xinomavro)
38. Taos (producer Parparousis – Variety Dry Mavrodaphne)


39. Art Aloipias (producer Wine Art – Variety)


40. Acacias Rose (producer Yianni – Variety Xinomavro)
41. Moschato d’Asti
42. Prosseco


43. Muscat of Rio (producer Parparousis – Variety Moschatou)


44. Espresso
45. Espresso spesiality ‘la margarita’
46. Espresso doppio
47. Espresso doppio spesiality ‘la margarita’
48. Espresso macchiatto
49. Espresso romano (with orange zest)
50. Espresso caracolito (with couverture)
51. Espresso corretto (with grappa)
52. Cappuccino
53. Cappuccino spesiality ‘la margarita’
54. Big Cappuccino
55. Cappuccino latte
56. Cappuccino spice’s (with cinnamon & vanilla)
57. Special appuccino ‘d’Achille’ (with kalua & chocolate)
58. Irish coffee
59. Freddo cappuccino
60. Freddo espresso
61. Chocolate (in various flavors of pure choclate ‘Leonidas’)
62. Chocolate viennois
63. Tea (various flavors)
64. Arizona ice tea
65. Nes cafe-frappe
66. Greek coffee
67. Greek coffee double
68. Smoothies peach (of fresh peaches)


69. Simple
70. Special
71. Malt


72. Heineken 330ml
73. Fix 330ml
74. Erdinger 330ml
75. Krushovice dark 330ml
76. Soft drinks
77. San pelegrino 250 ml
78. Zagori water 0.5l
79. Zagori water 1lt
80. Fresh orange juice
(with gojiberry or ippofaes)
81. Fresh special juice
(with gojiberry or ippofaes)





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