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La Vie Est Belle Amie In front of Pasalimani on the pedestrian street of Angelou Metaxa, Belle Amie dominates, a foyer of pleasure, a space with a cosmopolitan aura and a vintage aroma of 125 years of history, which gives flesh and bones to the hedonistic approach to life. The building itself predisposes you to visit it, to experience it without imposing its presence. After the summer renewal, a relaxed comforting atmosphere prevails, bars, cushions and sofas for relaxing from morning until late at night. You start in the courtyard for coffee, brunch and finger food and continue with a degustation of the dishes of the day and the fusion Mediterranean cuisine midday-evening, by Christos Tziera. The nights are bonviveuristic with Dora’s exciting cocktails accompanied by unpredictably uplifting music by the always up-to-date resident & guest djs of the artistic team. The good life is here. Spread the word. La vie est Belle Amie.



1. Variety of breads accompanied by dips
2. Carpaccio of sea bass marinated in coriander, lime and orange
3. Fillets of sardines wrapped in vine leaves with herbs grilled
4. Fresh fried potatoes with grated Parmesan
5. Donuts zucchini-gruyere
(Or tomato slice and cream cheese with sun-dried tomatoes)
6. Cream white roe with smoked salmon
7. Shrimps in tomato cream, feta cheese & peppers
8. Octopus grilled with oregano vinaigrette and grilled cherry tomatoes
9. Smoked eggplant salad handmade
(With peppers and parsley vinaigrette)
10. Stuffed aromatic rice in grape leaves with yogurt sauce
11. Marinated anchovies with white fish roe mousse
12. Fava cream with caramelized onions and lemon
13. Meatballs with 3 kinds of meat and spicy cheese dip
14. Τriangles Patties sausage *
(In handmade phyllo pastry with cheese and sun dried tomatoes)
15. Mussels steamed with thyme, white wine, lime and cream
16. Fried squid with mayonnaise parsley and lime
17. Feta in filo pastry with salad *, sesame and honey
18. Salad with lentils, feta, peppers and herbs


19. Crunchy quinoa salad with smoked salmon,
(Mango, shrimp and cream sweet mustard)
20. Green salad with grilled chicken, Goji Berio,
(Gruyere parmesan, croutons, crispy syglino and Caesar dressing)
21. Rocket with baby spinach, parmesan,
(Prosciutto, sundried tomatoes, strawberries and aged balsamic sauce)
22. Cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, feta,
(Mint and ntakakia in wild oregano oil)
23. Fillets tomato with mozzarella, rocket and basil pesto

Main courses

24. Chicken fillet stuffed with Parmesan,
(Confit tomato and thyme sauce)
25. Bites pork neck with peppers,
(Onion, gruyere cheese and spicy sauce)
26. Salmon fillet with vodka sauce, fennel, cherry tomatoes and mashed
27. Spaghetti with shrimps * tomato cream and ouzo
28. Marinated grilled liver with baby potatoes and mustard cream
29. Turkey burgers with grilled vegetables and mushrooms veloute
30. Octopus with caramelized onions in vinsanto and fava cream
31. Spaghetti with smoked salmon in dill & shrimp bisque
32. Grilled burgers with basil and fresh fries sauce
33. Veal cooked over low heat
(In lemon cream and rice with vegetables)
34. Beef casserole
* Fresh frozen


35. Brownies * chocolate with vanilla ice
36. Banoffe * with banana, caramel cream and whipped cream
37. Orange pie with ice cream
38. Broken mille-feuilles with vanilla ice cream, chocolate and creme brulee
39. Galaktompoureko
40. Ice cream (vanilla, Chocolate, Cream)
41. Cups
(Cream Vanilla, Chocolate, Kataifi, Almond, Cherry)

Bulk Wine


42. Oinosis chardonnay – sauvignon blanc
43. Oinosis chardonnay – sauvignon blanc 500ml
44. Oinosis chardonnay – sauvignon blanc 1lt


45. Oinosis Aged Agiorgitiko
46. Oinosis Aged Agiorgitiko 500ml
47. Oinosis Aged Agiorgitiko 1lt


48. Raki 50ml
49. Raki 100ml
50. Raki 200ml

Raki flavors (strawberry, lemon, cinnamon)

51. Raki 100ml
52. Raki 200ml


53. Rakomelo 100ml
54. Rakomelo 200ml

Raki 200ml

Tyrnavos bulk with or without anise
55. Raki 50ml
56. Raki 100ml
57. Raki 200ml
58. Tsililis 200 ml with or without anise
59. Tsantali agioritiko 200 ml
60. Babatzimopoulos 200 ml with or without anise
61. Dekaraki 200 ml
62. Apostolakis 200ml

Beers 330ml

63. Amstel
64. Amstel pilsener
65. Bios
66. Alfa
67. Fix black
68. Mythos
69. Septem monday’s
70. Septem honey 330 ml
71. Volcan (santorini)
72. Isle

Draught 330ml

73. Alfa 300 ml


74. Coca cola 232 ml
75. Coca cola light 232 ml
76. Orange EPSA 232 ml
77. EPSA lemonade 232 ml
78. Gaseosa EPSA 232 ml
79. Revenue EPSA 232 ml
80. Amit 320ml orange – PEACH – motion
81. Ioli carbonaceous 330 ml
82. Ioli 1lt

White wines 750ml

83. Vivlia country sauvignon blanc – ASSYRTIKO
84. Gerovassiliou MALAGOUZIA – Assyrtiko
85. Malagouzia. Alpha Estate Malagouzia
86. Stone slopes Palyvos sauvignon blanc – ASSYRTIKO
87. Subject Pavlidis sauvignon blanc – Assyrtiko
88. Mantinia TSELEPI moschofilero
89. Guileless land
Lagorthi – white – volitsa – almonds – chardonnay
90. Domaine Sigalas ATHIRI – arsytiko
91. Tips DARK mioschofilero – Roditis
92. Shack Yiannis white Roditis

Wines Rosé 750ml

93. Basement Xinomavro Averoff
94. Cherry Agiorgitiko – syrah
95. Heron xinomavro – Muscat – Roditis

Red Wine 750ml

96. Semeli Nemea paliomeno agiorgetiko
97. Subject Pavlidis agiorgitiko- syrah
98. Tips Dark Agiorgitiko – cabernet
99. Agiorgitiko- cellars cabernet sauvignon
100. Shack merlot – syrah – XINOMAVRO
101. Biblia Chora cabernet sauvignon – merlot

Sparkling wines / sparkling 750ml

102. Prosecco dl conegliano matiu antica quercia
103. Brut premier champagne louis roederer chardonnay
104. Moscato d’asti winea
105. Moscato d’asti ceretto


Breakfast & Brunch

Served until 14:00
106. Fried eggs with bacon
107. Poached eggs on bruschetta with sauce Hollandaise & bacon
108. Omelette diet with egg, cream cheese, turkey and salad
109. Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon gkratine in rolls rye
110. Scrambled eggs with ham, bacon, peppers, tomato and cheese
111. Croque Monsieur with ham, cheese and chips
112. Pancakes * 3 layers Merenda & fresh strawberries with whipped cream
113. Pancakes * with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato and fried egg
114. Yogurt with fresh fruit & honey
115. Fresh fruit salad
116. Homemade jams with butter and warm bread

Sandwiches & Snacks

117. Club sandwich with ham, cheese,
(Tomato, chicken, bacon & fries)
118. * Wholemeal baguette with turkey, lean cheese,
dried tomato cream, lettuce & tomato
119. * Multigrain croissant with smoked salmon,
 cream cheese, lime, cucumber & salad
120. A variety of selected cold cuts and cheese
grissini and fruit jams


121. Greek Loumidis
(Blond, dark)
122. Instant Nescafe
(Hot, cold, decafeine)
123. Espresso / Decafeine
124. Cappuccino / Decafeine
125. Espresso Freddo / Decafeine
126. Cappuccino Freddo / Decafeine
127. Filter coffee aromatic

Suggestions Belle Amie 330ml

128. Orgeat
129. Homemade lemonade with piperariza
130. Cherry with bitter almond
131. Mantarinada
132. Fresh strawberry with strawberry,
(Lemon juice, lime,
sugar syrup and carbonated


133. Chocolate warm
134. Cold chocolate
135. Extra flavor (strawberry, caramel, hazelnut)


136. Mountain tea
(Plain, forest fruits))
137. Green tea (plain, jasmine)
138. Chamomile
139. Black tea
(Plain, vanilla, bergamot)
140. Cold tea (lemon, peach)
141. Arizona Green 473ml
(Iced green tea with pomegranate)

Energy drinks

142. Shake drink whey
143. Isotonic drink 330ml
144. Red Bull 250ml

Fresh Juices 330ml

145. Natural orange juice
146. Natural juice with seasonal fruit
147. Assorted natural juice


148. Kiss
(Wild cherry flavor in vanilla flavor garnished with peel
Orange & sprig of lavender
149. Nostalgia
(Original orgeat with ginger flavored sheet amparorizas & lime slice)
150. Warmth
(Cream lefkies chocolate hazelnut extract, drops coffee and cinnamon stick shaker)
151. Sunbeam
(Juice with lime extract and mint oil from flower elderberries
152. Liogerma
(Wild cherry juice extract with basil & lime)

Coffee Cocktails

153. Espresso freddo Caramel
(Iced coffee Arabics caramel & vanilla syrup whipped in a shaker with ice)
154. Cappuccino freddo Caramel
(Frosted Arabica coffee caramel & vanilla syrup whipped in a blender with milk and ice)
155. Espresso Caramel
(Coffee Arabica caramel syrup & fresh cream)
156. Cappuccino Caramel
(Coffee Arabica caramel syrup, vanilla flavor & hot frothed milk)

Ice Cocktails 330ml

157. Chocolic
(Cold chocolate with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce)
158. Caramel
(Cold chocolate with vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce)


159. Whiskey Dewar’s
160. Vodka Eristoff
161. Gin Bombay
162. Tequila Cazadores
163. Rum Bacardi
164. Premium Drinks
165. Sangria
166. Moscato d’Asti
167. Malt (informed by the waiter pas)
168. Bottle Drink (informed by our waiter)

Greek Liqueurs

169. Mastic


Consult our list of specialty cocktails and Greek spirits





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