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Since 1879 the family Bairaktari opened the first tavern offers its guests traditional Greek hospitality. For six generations, our restaurants serve the finest dishes of Greek cuisine, made with the best materials, low prices and friendly environment.


Salads & starters

1. Salad
(tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion, olives, feta cheese, olive oil)
2. Lettuce
3. Cabbage carrot
4. Potato salad
5. Cucumber – Tomato
6. Greek Salad ‘Ntakos
(pieces of Kritikoy Dhaka with tomato, cucumber, feta, onion, olives, pepper and olive oil)
7. Mixed salad
(Lettuce, cabbage, carrot, tomato, cucumber, onion, olives)
8. Fried
9. Beetroot
10. Feta cheese
11. Boiled Horta
12. Olives
13. Fried eggplant
14. Fried peppers (4 pieces)
15. Spisy cheese
16. Sordalia
17. Tzatziki
18. Eggplant
19. Cheese croquettes (7 items)
20. Fiorina peppers with feta cheese (2 pieces)
21. Zucchini
22. Flutes
23. French fries


24. Portion Kebab
(four succulent kebab skewers, accompanied by two cut pites, baked tomato, onion)
25. Round pork
(round chopped pork, accompanied by two cut pites, tomato onion)
26. Giaourtlou kebab
(four succulent kebab skewers accompanied with two cut pites, baked tomato and yogurt salad)
27. Round chicken
(round chopped chicken, accompanied with two ites, tomato, onion)
28. Doner
(round of veal (doner), accompanied by two cut pites, tomato, onion)
29. Portion straw pork
(four skewers of fresh pork, accompanied by two cut pites and fresh tomato)
30. Mixed grill
(Round veal (doner), round pork, two skewers of pork, two kebab skewers,
accompanied with two pites, tomato, onion)
31. Burger grilled
(burgers grilled, accompanied with two pites, tomato, French fries)
32. Pork steak with french fries
(pork steak grilled with lemon and oregano, accompanied with French fries)
33. Burger specials
(burger with cheese grilled, accompanied with two pites, fries and tomato)
34. Skewer chicken
(fresh chicken fillets grilled, accompanied with two pites, tomatoes, potatoes)
35. Tenderloin
(pork fillet grilled, accompanied with potatoes and tomatoes)
36. Chops portion
(fresh lamb chops, grilled, syndefontai tganites with potatoes)


37. Lamb lemon
(lemony lamb, accompanied with potatoes or rice or pasta)
38. Beef braised
(beef cooked in tomato sauce, synodefetao with potatoes or rice or pasta)
39. Moussaka
(eggplant, potatoes and ground beef with cream sauce and grated cheese)
40. Chicken oven
(lemon chicken in the oven, accompanied by baked potatoes)
41. Pasticcio
(macaroni and ground beef with cream sauce and grated cheese)
42. Meatballs with rice
(meatballs from minced beef with tomato sauce, accompanied with rice)
43. Filled
(tomatoes stuffed with rice and ground beef, accompanied by baked potatoes)
44. Traditional bean soup
45. Briam
(fresh vegetables cooked in the oven, eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, onion with tomato sauce)
46. Spaghetti with tomato sauce
(spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce and grated cheese)
47. Piglet
(fresh pork belly lemon, baked in the oven, accompanied by baked potatoes or rice or pasta)
48. Spaghetti with meat
(spaghetti with ground beef, tomato sauce and grated cheese)


49. Perch fillet
(perch fillets cooked in the oven with tomato sauce, accompanied by roast potatoes or rice)
50. Grilled shrimp or fried
51. Bream baked fresh
52. Sardines
(fresh sardines baked with lemon and herbs)
53. Fried calamari
54. Cod fried garlic
(bkaliarou fried fillet accompanied with garlic sauce)
55. Grilled octopus

Dessert – Fruit

56. Yogurt with honey
57. Halva
58. Season fruits
59. Fruit Salad


60. Greek coffee
61. Frappe
62. Nescafe
63. Espresso
64. Cappuccino
65. French coffee
66. Cold tea
67. Hot Tea


68. Pepsi cola 330ml
69. Pepsi cola light 330ml
70. Soda IVI 330ml
71. Orange IVI 330ml
72. IVI lemon 330ml
73. 7up 330ml
74. Korpi sparkling water IVI 330ml
75. Natural orange juice
76. Bottled water 1.5lt
77. Bottled water 0.5lt


78. Pils Hellas 500ml
79. EZA g premium pilsener 500ml
80. Berlin barrel pint 500ml
81. Berlin barrel small glass 250ml


82. White bulk 1kg
83. Red Bulk 1kg
84. White bulk 1 / 2kg
85. Red bulk 1 / 2kg
86. Bottled white wine 750ml
87. Bottled red wine 750ml


88. Ouzo glass
89. Ouzo carafe 200ml
90. Raki glass
91. Raki KARAFAKI 250ml
92. Glass of wine 180ml
93. Brandy 5 *
94. Whiskey
95. Whisky special
96. Vodka
97. Gin





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