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Aris Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in the area, established in 1973. It serves Greek and international cuisine combined with local wines under the stunning view of the Caldera and the sunset. Relaxing on the restaurant’s terrace, tasting local dishes and wine while watching the famous Santorini sunset can be a unique experience to remember. The meals are designed by award-winning chef Nikos Manganas. All tables are on a balcony and offer sea views. Since you are here you can enjoy your dinner at Aris restaurant from 1973 while watching the famous Santorini sunset. Restaurant Aris is one of the first restaurants built in the area. Its chefs guarantee fine meals made with care and respect to the customer. Our chefs can satisfy everyone as we can cook for vegetarians, gluten free etc.

An ideal place even for events like weddings, bachelor dinners etc. We organize your wedding party with every detail. Choose the menu and we can arrange anything else.



Bread (Two kinds of bread rolls, Pitta Bread, Breadsticks, dip)
1. For 2 person
2. For 4 person
Hot apertisers
3. Santorinian’s Tomato croquettes
4. Shrimp’s Croquettes
5. Traditional Santorinian Fava
6. Traditional Santorinian Fava with Octopus
7. Grilled Feta Cheese
8. Traditional Cream cheese Manouri Grilled
(with Raspberry Sauce and Sesame)
9. Grilled Octopus with Aromatics Herbs
10. Steamed Mussels with Ouzo and Mastic
11. Variety of Grilled Vegetables
12. Oven Baked Potato Staffed With Cheeses
Cold apertisers
13. Tzatziki
14. Kopanisti
15. Eggplant Salad
16. Tarama Salad
17. Variety of the above
18. Greek Salad
19. Seasonal Salad with Sautéed Figs, Nuts
(& Sauce of White Vinegar)
20. Greens with Apple, Orange, Pomegranate
(Greek Sweet Cheese & Honey’s Sauce)
21. Chef’s Tuna Salad Covered with a Cpicy Mayonnaise Sauce
22. Green Salad with fillet of Pork
( & Chicken with Halloumi Cheese & Pitta Bread)
23. Colorful Seafood Salad
(with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Fresh Lemon Sauce)
24. Vegetable Soup
25. Fish Soup
Risotto – Pasta
26. Risotto with Wild Mushrooms & Flavoured Cream
27. Risotto with Meat’s fillet, Flavoured Cream & Sundried Tomatoes
28. Kritharoto Greek Style Pasta with Seafood
29. Skordomakarono Santorinian Recipe
(with Garlic, Cherry Tomatoes & Capers)
30. Linguine with Cuttlefish, Cuttlefish’s Ink & Aromatic Herbs
31. Linguine with Shrimp’s and seafood in Tomato Sauce
32. Lobster tails Spaghetti
Traditional homemade cooked food
33. Moussaka
34. Braised Beef in Tomato sauce Served with White Eggplant Puree
35. Country Pork Stuffed with Traditional Cheeses
( Bacon & Vegetables)
36. Kleftiko Lamb,Cooked with Potatoes
(Vegetables & cheese)
37. Hunter’s Chicken Served with Cous- cous
38. Fillet of Beef with Santorinian Vinsanto’s Sauce & Baked Potato
39. Fish fillet baked with Vegetables & Tomato
(served with aromatic rice )
40. Traditional Marinated Anchovies
Sea food
41. Grilled Squid with Vegetables & Lemon Sauce
42. Grilled Squid Stuffed with Cheese, Vegetables & Lemon Sauce
43. Grilled Shrimps
44. Shrimps Saganaki with Tomato & Feta Cheese
45. Swordfish Fillet Served with Aromatic Rice
46. Fresh Grilled sea bass Served with Aromatic Rice & Vegetables
47. Fresh Grilled Sea Bream Served with Aromatic Rice & Vegetables
48. Fresh Grilled Fish
49. Assorted seafood for 2 person
50. Grilled Meatballs
51. Grilled Meatballs Covered with Giaourtlou Sauce
52. Pork chops on grill
53. Grilled Tenderloin
54. Grilled Chicken Legs Marinated with Yogurt
55. Grilled Beef Staek
For our little friends
56. Chicken Souvlaki
57. Meatballs
58. Spaghetti Napolitain
59. Ice – Cream 2 Scoops
60. Ice – Cream 3 Scoops
61. Homemade Galaktompoureko
62. Homemade Revani with Ice-Cream
63. Thessaloniki’s Traditional Bougatsa Filled with Hazelnut Praline
64. Seasonal Fruits
Breakfast / brunch (limited time)
65. From Buffait
66. Simple Omelette
67. Vegetable Omelette
68. Special Omelette
69. Baguette with Ham
70. Baguette with Vegetables
71. Toast Club
72. Burger
73. Mineral Water
74. Sparkling Mineral Water 750ml
75. Sparkling Mineral Water 330ml
Soft drinks
76. Coca-Cola, Zero, and Light 250ml
77. Sprite 250ml
78. Lux Orange Drink 250ml
79. Homemade Lemon Drink 250ml
80. Lux Cherry Drink 250ml
81. Soda Drink 250ml
82. Ice-Tea Lemon 250ml
83. Ice-Tea Peach 250ml
84. Apple Juice 250ml
85. Peach Juice 250ml
86. Fresh Orange Juice 250ml
87. Smooth-it Pina Colada 330ml
88. Smooth-it Strawberry 330ml
Beers – Ouzo
89. Amstel 330ml
90. Heineken 330ml
91. Alfa (Greek) 330ml
92. Fix (Greek) 330ml
93. Volkan (Local) 330ml
94. Glass of ouzo, Tsipouro 50ml
White wine
95. Glass of Local White Wine 187ml
96. TerraNera Assyrtico 750ml
97. Santorini Assyrtico, Aidani, Athiri 750ml
98. Aidani 750ml
99. Nykteri Assyrtico, Aidani, Athiri 750ml
100. Santorini (Gavalas) 750ml
101. Katsano (Gavalas) 750ml
102. Kehri Retsina 500ml
Rose wine
103. Glass of Local Rose Wine 187ml
104. TerraNera Madylaria, Assyrtico
105. Voudomato (Gavalas) 750ml
Red wine
106. Glass of Local Red Wine 187ml
107. TerraNera Madylaria 750ml
108. Xenoloo (Gavalas) 750ml
109. Mavrotragano 750ml
Desserts wine
110. Glass of Local Mezzo Wine 80ml
111. Glass of Local Vinsanto Wine 80ml




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