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Traditional tavern in Adrianou 25 street, opposite the ancient market, which seeks to offer you relaxation and enjoyment, good service and a variety of homemade quality dishes of Greek cuisine, or the opportunity to drink the coffee of your choice, in a warm separate environment adapted in the style of old Athens, in a historic neoclassical building.



1. Greek Pita/Bread
2. Tzatziki
(Homemade cold dip with cucumber, Greek yoghurt, garlic & olive oil)
3. Tirokafteri
(Greek spicy cheese dip)
4. Bougiourdi
(Spice baked feta cheece with fresh tomato, green pepper and onions)
5. Fava beans
(yellow split peas puree flavoured with onion & caper leaves)
6. Grilled vegetables (seasoned)
7. Fried zucchini
8. Zucchini croquettes
9. Small spinach pies*
10. Small pastourma pies*
(seasoned, air – cured beef)
11. Fried potatoes
12. Roasted potatoes
13. Feta cheese with olive oil & oregano
14. Cheese croquettes*
15. Saganaki graviera
(fried hard yellow cheese)
16. Grilled Halloumi Cheese with Florina’s roasted peppers
17. Dolmadakia
(Stuffed grape leaves from Karpathos island served with yoghurt sauce)
18. Meatballs with tomato sauce
19. Grilled homemade sausage
20. Bekri Meze
(pork fillet, sausage, peppers, mushrooms, spicy onions)
21. Sauteed pork fillets
(with peppers & onions in a garlic wine sauce)
22. Sauteed chicken fillets
(with peppers & onions in a garlic wine sauce)
23. Steamed mussels*
(with mustard & white wine sauce)
24. Mussels* saganaki
25. Octopus*
(marinated in wine & vinegar)
26. Grilled octopus*
27. Fried calamari*
(crispy fried squid)
28. Shrimps* saganaki
(sauteed in fresh tomato sauce with feta cheese, reduced with ouzo)


29. Lettuce with dill & fresh onion
30. Cucumber-tomato
31. Greek salad
(tomato, cucumber, onion, olives & feta cheese with extra virgin olive oil)
32. Homemade salad
(lettuce, cabbage, tomato, olives, carrot, caper & homemade vinaigrette sauce)
33. Cabbage with carrot
34. Antica Special salad
(mixed greens, lentils, tomato, rusk, katiki cream cheese,
cabbage, carrot, fresh onion & vinaigrette sauce)
35. Cretan Dakos salad
(Barley rusk topped with chopped tomatoes and crumbled feta cheese, olives & caper)
36. Gentle salad
(Lettuce, rocket, carrot, pomegranate, black currants, cucumber, sun-dried tomato, balsamic oil)
37. Caesar’s salad
(lettuce, chicken, croutons, parmesan, bacon & Caesar’s dressing)
38. Gardener’s salad
(lettuce, croutons, tomato, cucumber, cheese & sauce)
39. Gardener’s salad with chicken
40. Rocket and parmesan
(rocket, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, raisins & vinaigrette sauce)

Today’s Specials

Our cooked in oven and casserole is from Greek traditional cuisine.
Cooked daily different kinds. Ask our waiter for the daily dishes.
41. Moussaka
42. Rice stuffed tomatoes & peppers
43. Homemade Pastitsio
(baked pasta dish with ground beef & bechamel sauce)
44. Salmon with roasted potatoes
45. Traditional roast lamb


46. Adrianou Sample Platter
(meatballs, sausage, chicken breast, stuffed grape leaves from Karpathos island, cheese, tomato, cucumber,
spicy cheese dip, olives, small pies made with seasoned air – cued beef, cheese croquettes*, smal spinach pies*)
47. Seafood Platter
(shrimps*, cripsy fried squid*, octopus*, mussels*, smoked salmon*,
stuffed grape leaves from Karpathos island, olives, graviera cheese, peppers, cucumber, tomato)
48. Antica Mix Grill
(Pork Gyro, chicken breast, sausage, kebab,
pork meat sticks, potatoes, onion, tzatziki, pitta bread)


49. Pork Gyro Platter
(served with french fries, pitta bread, tomato, onion & tzatziki sauce)
50. Grilled Pork chops
(With mustard)
51. Souvlaki Platter
(Handmade pork sticks served with french fries, pitta bread, tomato, onion & tzatziki sauce)
52. Kebab Platter
(served with french fries, pitta bread, tomato, onion & tzatziki sauce)
53. Grilled Burger
(Handmade burger served with french fries)
54. Burger Stuffed with cheese
55. Grilled Sirloin Steak
56. Grilled Chicken fillet served with rice
57. Chicken Kebab served with rice
58. Fresh fish
(Grilled served with salad and roasted potatoes)


59. Spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce & basil
60. Bolognese
61. Spaghetti with mussels*
(in garlic-wine sauce)
62. Seafood marinara
(smoked salmon*, shrimps*, mussels half shell*, mussels meat*)
63. Spaghetti with shrimps*
64. Carbonara
(bacon, peppers, mushrooms)
65. Penne pasta in Vodka sauce
66. With chicken
67. With Shrimps
68. Penne pasta with broccoli & salmon
69. Makarounes
(Handmade fresh pasta from Karpathos island, served with fresh milk butter,
sauteed onion & traditional skim cheese Mizithra)

Stone-Oven Pizza

70. Margarita
(Fresh tomato, sauce, basil, mozzarella & extra virgin olive oil)
71. Antica Greca
(Fresh tomato sauce, feta cheese, olives, onion, peppers & oregano)
72. Meat Lovers
(Sausage, ham, bacon & pepperoni)
73. Country pizza
(Sausage, feta cheese, peppers, onion & mozzarella)
74. Vegetarian
(roasted peppers, zucchini, eggplant)
75. Pepperoni
(classic Italian pizza with fresh tomato sauce, spicy pepperoni & mozzarella)
76. Antica Special
(fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, bacon, pepperoni, peppers & mushrooms)


77. Bacon
78. Mozzarella
79. Greek Peppers
80. Ham
81. Pepperoni
82. Olives
83. Feta cheese
84. Mushrooms
85. Sausage


86. Antica Burger
(Cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, Antica special sauce)
87. Greek Burger
(Tomato, onion, feta cheese, oregano, Antica special sauce)
88. Bacon Mushroom Melt
(Mushrooms, cheese, bacon, tomato, onions, Antica special sauce)
89. Vegetarian Burger
(Vegetables, spices, Antica special sauce)
90. Grilled Chicken Burger
(Chicken fillet, lettuce, tomato, Antica special sauce)
All above served with fresh french fries.

Homemade breakfast

91. Toast (cheese, tomato)
92. Toast (ham, cheese)
93. Toast (turkery, cheese)
94. Toast (ham, cheese, tomato)
95. Two homemade fried eggs
96. Two homemade fried eggs with sausage
97. Greek omelette
(feta cheese, tomato, onion)
98. Mediterranean
(mushrooms, tomato, olives, cheese)
99. Omelette Special
(ham, green peppers, tomato, onion, cheese)
100. Simple Omelette
(eggs & cheese)
All omelettes and toasts served with french fries.


101. Banana Spilt
102. Traditional yoghurt with honey
103. Traditional yoghurt with spoon sweet
104. Ice cream (3 balls price)
(chocolate, strawberry, vanilla)
105. Milk shake
106. Smoothies (strawberry, banana)
107. Chocolate souffle/with ice cream
108. Cheesecake/with ice cream
109. Baklava


110. Espresso
111. Espresso double
112. Espresso Latte
113. Espresso Macchiato
114. Espresso Freddo
115. Espresso Freddo with baileys
116. Cappuccino Freddo with baileys
117. Moccachino hot or cold
(Espresso, chocolate drink, cream or whipped cream)
118. Caramel
(Double espresso with whipped cream, syrup and caramel sauce)
119. Irish coffee
(Espresso, Irish whiskey & whipped cream)
120. Cappuccino
121. Cappuccino with whipped cream
122. Cappuccino Freddo
123. Cappuccino Freddo with whipped cream
124. Nescafe frappe
125. Nescafe with baileys
126. Nescafe with ice cream
127. Nescafe with baileys & ice cream
128. Greek coffee
129. Double Greek coffee
130. Filter coffee
131. Syrup in a variety of flavours
(Chocolate, hazelnut, coconut, strawberry, caramel, vanilla)


132. Chocolate
133. Chocolate with espresso & Bailey’s
134. Viennois (with whipped cream)
135. Tea hot or cold (various flavours)
136. Tea with brandy Metaxa 5*
137. Tea with Rum
138. Chamomile

Soft drinks / Juices

139. Coca Cola (Zero/Light) 250ml
140. Fanta (Orange – Lemon) 250ml
141. Sprite 250ml
142. Schweppes 250ml
143. Amita 400ml
144. Avra water 1.0lt
145. Sparkling water 330ml
146. Fresh orange juice
147. Fresh Mixed fruit juice


148. Ouzo by the glass
149. Ouzo Plomari 200ml
150. Ouzo Barbayanni 200ml
151. Tsipouro by the glass
152. Tsipouro without anise Tsilili 200ml
153. Tsipouro without anise Dekaraki 200ml
154. Tsipouro with anise Tsilili 200ml
155. Rakomelo 100ml
156. Rakomelo 200ml

White Wines 750ml

157. Thalassitis Gaia
158. Moshofilero Boutari
159. Chardonnay Boutari
160. Sauvignon Blanc Karipidis
161. Ktima Biblia Chora
162. Queen of hearts Lazaridis
163. Geometria Malagouzia Lazaridis

Red wines 750ml

164. Agiorgitiko Boutari
165. Merlot Karipidis
166. Xinomavro Ktima Alpha
167. Cabernet Sauvignon Boutari
168. King of Hearts Lazaridis
169. Ktima Biblia Chora
170. Mavrodaphne of Patras (sweet)

Rosé Wines 750ml

171. 14 – 18 h Agiorgitiko
172. Meliasto Spiropoulos

By the Glass (187 ml)

173. White: Moshofilero Lafazanis
174. Red: Agiorgitiko Lafazanis

Homemade wines (500ml)

175. White Achaia
176. Red Achaia
177. Red semi – sweet Achaia


178. Alfa Draft 300ml
179. Alfa Draft 500ml
180. Alfa 500ml
181. Alfa Weiss 500ml
182. Amstel 500ml
183. Amstel Radler 500ml
184. Amstel free 500ml
185. Heineken 500ml
186. Erdinger 500ml
187. Mc Farland 330ml
188. Fischer 500ml
189. Fix Dark 330ml
190. Mamos 500ml


191. Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Gin
192. Whiskey simple
(Johnnie Red, Haig, Jameson)
193. Whiskey special
(Johnnie Black, Dewar’s 12, Jack Daniels)
194. Bourbon
(Jim Beam)
195. Single malt


196. Mojito
197. Caipirinha
198. Margarita (lemon – strawberry)
199. Daiquiri (lemon – strawberry)





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