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From the depths of the East, distant Persia with its long history, breathtaking landscapes and ornate temples care to you convey the gastronomic experience enjoyed by anyone who has the opportunity to travel to this unique country! In Persian Anahita restaurant since 1990 offer authentic Persian cuisine that will surely find separate, in such an environment. So we promise a delicious culinary journey with flavors, fragrances and colors of Persia.



1. Olivier (chicken – potato – egg – mayonnaise pickles-)
2. Mastmousir (yoghurt-garlic odor)
3. Burano (spinach-garlic giaourti-)
4. Nargkesi (spinach-garlic avgo-)
5. Nazchatoun (grilled eggplant garlic-giaourti-)
6. Mastochiar (yogurt-cucumber-mint)
7. Helmets bantemtzoun (fried eggplant with walnut)
8. Koufte berentzi (minced meat-rice-herbs with red saltsa- fava)
9. Lahmacun (4 pita pieces of meat-onion-chili pepper)
10. Fries
11. Potato pancakes with cheese
12. Persia bread
13. Joe soup (barley-carrot cream)
14. Persian soup (spinach, legumes – meat)
15. Mirza gkasemi (roasted eggplant with garlic ntomata- avgo-)


16. Persian salad (lettuce – tomato – cucumber – carrot – sauce)
17. Anahita (cabbage – coke, cabbage – carrots – corn – vinegar)
18. Salad krafs (celery-apple-radish-lemon sauce)
19. Shiraz (chopped cucumber-tomato-onion-lemon juice)
20. Green salad (lettuce – rocket – tomato – olives – parmesan – balsamic)
21. Salad with Roquefort sauce (lettuce-tomato-cucumber-carrot-piperia- sios Roquefort)
22. Oriental salad (cabbage, green and red peppers, celery, carrot, vinegar)
23. Salad cabbage carrot
24. Lettuce

Main courses

25. Tzoutze kebab (souvlaki chicken rice with saffron)
26. Koumpite Kebab (Kebab from minced lamb pies with tomato – onion)
27. Cello Kebab (minced lamb kebab with rice and tomato)
28. Kebab Barge (kebabs of beef fillet with tomato lemon pies)
29. Kebab Tsentze
(Meat pieces of lamb with saffron rice and tomato lemon)
30. Soltani (one koumpinte and a Barge With Pies)
31. Tray with kebab
(4 persons – two kebabs, 1 Barge, one tsentze, one chicken)
32. Tray with kebab
(2 persons – 1 kebab, 1 Barge, one chicken)
33. Persian rice (rice with saffron bosmati)
34. Zeresk pole
(Chicken with rice and currant, pistachio and almond)
35. Shirin polo
(Chicken with rice and orange peel, almond, carrot, peanut, pistachios)
36. Zeresk pole – Shirin Polo
(Without chicken)
37. Bagali pole
(Rice, dill, beans with chicken or lamb)
38. Ada pole
(Rice, lentils with ground beef and raisins)
39. Huntington te Game
(Rice and red meat with sauce and fava arnisio- port)
40. Huntington te Gorman samptzi
(Rice-green sauce meat lamb
aromatic charta- red fasolia- lemon)
41. Huntington te fesentzoun
glykoxyni rice and walnuts sauce
puree pomegranate and meatballs minced veal)





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