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This restaurant opened 16 years ago and is housed in a renovated 100-year-old stone building in the narrow streets of Skiathos Old Town. Chef Petros Pikoulas oversees a unique menu that offers Mediterranean cuisine, updated with creative Greek touches-think fish with crayfish sauce, lamb chops with pesto, and steak with stuffed artichokes and spinach salad, all at a reasonable price. You’ll also find friendly service and a great wine list, as well as fantastic jazz and easy-listening music. It’s open every day from 6.30pm.



1. Fried mushrooms
(with herbs, garlic & wine)
2. Eggplant Rolls
(with feta cheese & tomato sauce, basil)
3. Haloumi Cheese
(in crispy phyllo pastry with honey & sesame)
4. Grilled Feta Cheese
(with herbs)
5. Fried zucchini
(with yogurt & garlic sauce)
6. Fava (Pea Puree)
(with sun dried tomatoes, onion, paprika & olive paste)
7. Tzatziki
(yogurt, garlic, cucumber)
8. Briam
(fresh vegetables with herbs, feta cheese & tomato sauce)
9. Zucchini Santorinis
(stuffed with potatoes, 4 cheeses, smoked pork, chives & lemon cream)
10. Porto Bello Mushrooms
(with mozzarella prosciutto & basil pesto sauce)
11. Potatoes Au Gratin in Oven
(with spinach, cheeses, bacon & cream)
12. Stuffed Tomato
(with chicken, shrimps, basmati rice in saffron sauce)
13. Stuffed Artichokes
(with cottage cheese, shrimps & fresh cream lemon)
14. Octopus
(with onions (stifado))
15. Mussels
(steamed m wine, garlic, saffron & herbs)
16. Lentils Belluga
(with smoked trout, brick & sour cream)


17. Greek Salad
(Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper, olives, feta cheese)
18. 1901 Salad
(Green vegetables, avocado, couscous,sun dried fruits, cherry tomatoes, cottage cheese & vinaigrette with mustard, honey)
19. Spinach Salad
(spinach sauté with yoghurt sauce)
20. Green Salad with Parmesan
(Lettuce, tomato, rocket, prosciutto, parmesan, walnuts and balsamic)
21. Chicken Salad
(Lettuce, tomato, chicken filet, bacon, vinaigrette balsamic & mustard)
22. Grilled Vegetables
(fresh grilled vegetables with herbs, lemon and olive oil dressing)


23. Tomato soup
(tomato, celery, garlic and herbs)
24. Fish Soup
(fresh fish with various vegetables)
25. Mushroom Soup ala Chef
(with wild mushrooms, porcini cream and herbs)


26. Spaghetti Di Mare
(with shrimps, mussels & tomato sauce and basil)
27. Spaghetti with shrimps
(in shrimps creme and saffron)
28. Tagliatelle
(with Salmon, brick and vodka)
29. Amatricciana Spaghetti
(with smoked bacon, tomato & hot pepper)
30. Rigatoni Bacon
(with bacon, mushrooms, rocket & cherry tomatoes)
31. Tagliatelle
(with chicken & pesto sauce)
32. Rigatoni
(with chicken & roquefort sauce)
33. Spaghetti Napolitan
(with tomato, basil and garlic sauce)
34. Spaghetti Tartoufata
(with eggplants, zucchini, olives, caper, tomato, truffle oil and cottage cheese)
35. Kritharoto
(with octopus, mussels, minestra and tomato sauce)
36. Risotto
(with shrimps, artichokes & mushrooms)

Main courses

37. Pork Cutlets
(with sauce from smoked ham, mix from wild mushrooms, porcini and cream)
38. Pork Cutlets with leek
(in wine sauce)
39. Beef Fillets
(with smoked cheese in bearnaise sauce)
40. Sirloin Steak
(with mushrooms & beer sauce)
41. Lamb Chops
(with pesto sauce)
42. Pork Fillets Napoleon
(with mozzarella, spinach & lemon sauce)
43. Pork fillets
(in prune sauce)
44. Pork fillets
(with ginger and roquefort sauce)
45. Chicken fillet
(a la creme with mushrooms)
46. Chicken fillet Indien
(curry, vegetables, saffron & herbs)
47. Stuffed Chicken
(with cheese, bacon & creamy mint sauce)
48. Mousaka
(with minced meat aubergines & bechamel)
49. Soutzoukakia
(small burgers with tomato sauce, peppers, bacon & mushrooms)
50. Beef with Papardelle
(in tomato sauce & basil)
51. Stamna
(fresh beef meat slow cooked with vegetables wine & herbs)
52. Beef fillet
(With sauce of your choice: Pepper sauce, Mushrooms ala cream, Madera sauce, Coriander sauce)
53. Mix Grill (for 2 persons)
(Pork Chops – Lamb Chops – Burgers – Chicken fillet with 2 sauces, fresh potatoes & salad)


54. Fish fillet
(with sauce from herbs & lime)
55. Grilled Fresh Salmon Fillet
(with mayonnaise & thyme sauce)
56. Shrimps
(with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes & basmati rice)
57. Grilled Fresh Fish

Extra Plates

58. Lamb slowly cooked In the oven
(in lemon and wine)
59. Crab Risotto
(in tomato sauce and lobster stock)
60. Rigatoni a la chef
(with traditional salted and Smoked pork, black truffle, porcini and greek goat cheese)
61. Yellow fin tuna fillet
(with vongole sauce)



62. Methea (Aidani, Monemvasia)
63. Oreinos ilios (Sauvig. Blanc, Moshofilero)
64. Lazaridi Ntama koupa (sauvig. Blanc, asirtiko & moshato)
65. Dougos (Sauvig. Blanc, Roditis)
66. Karyos gi — Bio (Chardonnay, Sauvig. Blanc)
67. Iama (Malagouzia, Asirtiko)
68. Petriessa (Malagouzia)
69. Avantis (Viognier, Assirtiko, Moshato)
70. Mavro Provato (Semilion, Sauvig. Blanc)
71. Karypidis (Sauvig. Blanc)
72. Mantinia Nasiakou (moshofilero)
73. Samaropetra (Roditis, sauvig. Blanc)
74. Karypidis (Chardonnay)
75. Vilia Hora (Sauvig. Blanc, Assirtiko)
76. House wine – White 1/2 lit


77. Boutari demi sec (Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah)
78. Oreinos Ilios (Agiorgitiko)
79. Dougos (Xinomavro, Syrah)
80. Karypidis (Sangiovese)
81. Karyos Gi – Demi Sec – Semi sparkling – Glass
(Cabernet sauv., Merlot)
82. House wine – Rose 1/2 lit


83. Mikros Vorias (Cabernet, Merlot)
84. Petriessa (Merlot)
85. Petriessa (cabernet)
86. Nemea reserve Semeli (agiorgitiko)
87. Naoussa Boutari (Xinomavro)
88. Katogi Averof (Cabernet, Agiorgitiko)
89. Paraga Kyr.Gianni (merlot, syrah, xinomauro)
90. Rapsani Ntougos (Krasato, Xinomavro, Stavroto)
91. Oreivatis (Pinot Noir)
92. Mavro Provato (cabernet, merlot, syrah)
93. Avantis (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre)
94. Mega Spilaio (Cabernet sauv.)
95. Karypidis (Merlot)
96. Karypidis (Syrah)
97. Vivlia Hora (cabernet sauv, merlot)
98. Piccolo Mondo
99. Glass
100. House wine – Red 1/2 lit


101. Amstel pils 500 ml
102. Mythos 500 ml


103. Coca-Cola
104. Sprite, Lemonade, Orange Fanta
105. Sparkling mineral water 0.33 lit
106. Sparking mineral water 1 lit
107. Natural mineral water 1,5 lit
108. Natural mineral water 0,5 lit


109. Whiskeys, Gin, Vodka, Brandy, Martini
110. Special whiskeys
111. Liqueur<
112. Prosecco by the glass
113. Ouzo by the glass


114. Chocolate souffle with ice cream
115. Pannacota
116. Yogurt with honey & nuts
117. Orange pie
118. Walnut Cake with hot chocolate


119. Greek coffee
120. Nes coffee
121. Americano
122. Espresso
123. Cappuccino
124. Irish coffee





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