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Ladokolla is located in Fira of Santorini.

It is a traditional restaurant with Greek cuisine that prepares its meals with great care because they are all handmade. We are waiting for you in an attentive place with excellent service.


The chef makes different Day dishes everyday, ask the waiter. We have a breakfast buffet


1. Green salad
(Green Salad with lettuce, rocket, sun-dried tomato parmesan peels & walnut)
2. Kaldera salad
(Lettuce, salmon, capers, tomato, onion, apple cider vinegar and dill)
3. Santorini salad
(Cherry tomatoes, capers, sour cream cheese, ΄΄kaltsouni΄΄-santorini cucumber- onion, peppers, olives)
4. Traditional Greek salad
(Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peppers, olives, feta cheese, capers)
5. Ladokolla salad
(Spinach, lettuce, mushrooms, chicken, parmesan cheese, garlic sauce, balsamic cream)
6. Cretan salad (Lettuce, spinach, traditional barley Cretan bread, tomato, olives, balsamic vinegar , capers, sour cream cheese)


7. Tzatziki
8. Fava Santorini’s
(Fava with caramelized onions ( Aegean cuisine )
9. Tomatoballs
(Tomato & fava balls Santorini’s)
10. Chips
(Freshly cut & fried potatoes)
11. Grilled eggplant
(Eggplant stuffed with cheese , cherry tomatoes & garlic)
12. Sfakiani
13. Stuffed vine leaves
(Meat - rice balls in vine leaves)
14.Salmon Carpaccio
(Marinated Salmon on rocket leaves & a dill dressing)
15. Gardener‘s Vegetables
(Grilled vegetables with Santorini’s balsamic vinegar)
16. Variety of Mushrooms
(Sautéed oyster mushrooms in truffle oil, garlic & balsamic vinegar)
17. Oyster Mushrooms
(Oyster mushrooms marinated in wine, olive oil, garlic & soy sauce)
18. Trilogy fried cheese
(Fried Cheese trilogy on green salad)
19. Smoked cheese
(Served with a handmade cherry tomato sweet)
20. Haloumi cheese
(Haloumi cheese with grilled cherry tomatoes)
21. Greek feta cheese
(Greek feta cheese with olive oil & oregano)
22. Variety of appetizers
(Appetizer feast tzatziki, beans, spicy grilled eggplant, stuffed vine leaves)
23. Bread
(Home made bread or small pita bread 2 pieces)

Risotto - Pasta

24. Linguine with seasonal vegetables
(Linguine pasta with seasonal vegetables , parmesan & soy sauce)
25. Mushroom risotto
(Risotto with fresh mushrooms, white wine, heavy cream, parmesan peels & truffle oil)
26. Mussels risotto
(Fresh mussels risotto with cherry tomatoes & dill)
27.Chicken risotto
(Risotto with chicken, white wine, peppers, parmesan & cream with milk)
28. Linguine with shrimps
(Linguine with shrimps, white wine, tomato sauce & basil)
29. Linguine with sea fruits
(Linguine with fresh mussels, octopus, shrimp, olive oil, wine, garlic & parsley)
30. Linguine with lobster
(Lobster linguine with white or red sauce (for one person)

Sea food

31. Grilled shrimps
(Grilled shrimps in olive & lemon sauce with salad & rice)
32. Grilled Calamari
(Grilled squid with olive & lemon sauce, rice & salad garnish)
33. Grilled octopus
(Octopus grilled with olive & lemon sauce, rice & salad garnish)
34. Seafood platter
(Seafood and fish platter for 2 people, shrimp, sea bream, octopus, squid & mussel risotto)
35. Tsipoura Fish 400 gr
(Whith rice & salad (Aegean salt fish))
36. Seabass 400 gr
(With rice & salad)
37. Grilled Salmon
(Grilled Salmon with rice & salad)
38. Steamed Mussels
(With garlic, wine & fresh onion)

Traditional greek dishes

39. Moussaka
(Special Greek cuisine, eggplant, potatoes, minced meat béchamel cream)
40. Stuffed green peppers)
41. Tigania
(Fried pork with mixed peppers)
42. Tigania
(Fried chicken with mixed peppers, mushrooms & mustard sauce)
43. Milk Lamb Ladokolla
(Served with eggplant , katiki domokou (central ‘s Greece cheese) & anise aroma)
44. Βeef Cheeks
(Cheeks beef with sautéed vegetables & feta cheese)

From the spit

45. Grilled chicken
(Served with chips, rice &salad)
46. Kontosouvli pork
(Served with chips, rice & salad)
47. Pork on the spit
(Served with chips, rice & salad)
48. Spit mixture for 2 people
(Pork, chicken and lamb kontosouvli)
49. Lamb shanks Greek origin 350 gr
(Served with potatoes, rice & salad)
50. Gyros
(In pita bread tzatziki dip, salad & rice)


51. Pork steaks
(Served with fresh cut chips)
52. Grilled homemade Burger with Yogurt sauce
(Served with sumac, pita breads & Yogurt sauce)
53. Stuffed Cheese homemade burger
(Served with cheese & caramelized onions)
54. Traditional Sausage
(Served with potatoes, rise & homemade mustard)
55. Stuffed Chicken Ladokola
(Stuffed chicken fillet with smoked cheese, undried tomato & ginger)
56. Smoked pork with apple sauce
(Served with chips, rice & salad)
57. Lamb ribs
(Served with chips, rice, salad, barbeque & mustard sauce)
58. Veal steak
(Served with chips, rice, salad barbeque & mustard sauce)
59. Beef steak 500 gr
(Served with chips, rice, salad barbeque & mustard sauce)


60. Kantaifi
61. Baklava
62. Yogurt with seasonal fruit
63. Chocolate pie
64. Ice Cream Chocolate /Vaniglia

Coffee - tea

65. Greek coffee
66. Espresso
67. Cappuccino
68. Nescafe
69. Frappe (old coffee)
70. Tea
71. Latte Hot
72. Freddo espresso/cappuccino
73. Chocolate hot/ cold

Refreshments - water

74. Coca Cola
75. Sprite
76. Fanta Lemon/Orange
77. Soda Water
78. Tonic water
79. Water 1 Lit


80. Amstel / Amstel free / Amstel pils 500 ml
81. Heineken 500 ml 82. Alfa 500ml
83. Alfa draft 500ml/ 330ml
84. Alfa Weiss 500ml
85. Yellow Donkey 330ml
86. Red Donkey 330ml
87. Crazy Donkey / White Donkey (750ml)

White wines

88. Atlantis
89. Nixteri santowines
90. Assyrtiko santowines
91. Assyrtiko Argyros
92. Assyrtiko Nomikos
93. 50/50 Nomikos
94. House wine 500 ml
95. Ampelisious wine Glass of Ampelisious wine 250 ml
96. Ampelisious wine Glass of Ampelisious wine 500 ml
97. Glass of wine

Rose wines

98. Atlantis
99. Ampelisious wine Glass of Ampelisious wine 250 ml
100. Ampelisious wine Glass of Ampelisious wine 500 ml
101. House wine 500ml
102. Glass of wine

Red wines

103. Atlantis
104. Medium sweet santowines
105. Ampelisious Glass of ampelisious wine 250 ml
106. Mavrotragano Argyros
107. Madilaria
108. Techni Alipias
109. House wine 500ml
110. Glass of wine

Sparkling wines

111. Kair 700 ml
112. Moet Chandon
113. Kair 200 ml 114 Prosecco 200 ml / 700 ml


115. Whisky
116. Vodka
117. Rum
118. Gin
119. Metaxa
120. Glass of oyzo
121. Ouzo Bottle 200 ml
122. Glass of tsikoudia
123. Tsikoudia bottle 200ml
124. Vinsanto


125. Continental
(Bread, Butter Marmalade & Juice)
126. Full Breakfast
(Fried eggs, Bacon, Tomato, Bread, Butter Marmalade & Juice)
127. Omelet
(With Cheese & Bacon)
128. Vegetarian Omelet
(With seasonal vegetables)
129. Special Omelet
(With Cheese, Bacon, Tomato, Pepper, Onion & mushrooms)
130. Toasted sandwich
(Smoked cheese & Chicken Fillet)
131. Traditional Greek Strapatsada
(Scrambled eggs, Tomatoes and Cheese)
132. Special Breakfast Ladokolla
(Fried Eggs, Traditional Sausage, Peppers, Salad, Oven Potatoes and Feta Cheese)
133. Yogurt with Honey
(Served with Seasonal Fruit)
134. Milk with c’ real




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