Ta Katsarolakia

Descrizione del prodotto

Putting together the perfect Greek summer is a delicate undertaking.
A dot of white on a light blue canvas. The soft sound of boats lazily rocking in the marina. The scent of sea salt drying under the sun. A platter of fried calamari accompanied by a glass of sweet-scented ouzo.
Every single ingredient must be fresh and locally sourced, otherwise you can tell something is missing.
And it was that feeling of something missing that made us want to find the right ingredients and recreate this recipe for everyone to enjoy:
A taste of Greek summer all year-round.


Our appetizers

1. Saganaki shrimps with fresh tomato and feta
2. Saganaki Shrimps of Drunk with ouzo sauce,
parmesan cheese and cream
3. Fried squid
4. Spicy marinated anchovy with olive oil & garlic
5. Mussels steamed with pepper & mustard
6. Octopus vinegar with onions
7. Bruschetta with fish roe salad, anchovie marinated and lime zest
8. Saganaki with cheese of Crete
9. Feta cheese wrapped in honey & sesame seeds
10. Haloumi grilled with pitas & olives sauce
11. Peppers stuffed with feta & tomato
12. Polpette di zucchine
13. Mackerel smoked with tomato onion
14. Fava with caramelized onions and capers
15. Mushrooms pleurotous on the grill
16. Fresh french fries

Salads from tradition

17. Tzatziki
18. Fish roe salad
19. Garlic sauce
20. Eggplant salad with peppers & onion
21. Spicy cheese dip with boukovo
Virgin Olive oil bottled 50ml
22. Bread

Our salads

23. ‘Katsarolakia’ with lola, french salad, bacon,
grilled manouri & mustard sauce, honey
24. Cretan Dakos with feta cheese and caper
25. Traditional greek salad
26. Chicken salad with lettuce, chicken, bacon, parmesan, crouton and Caesar sauce
27. Beetroot salad with lola, grated feta cheese,
walnuts and sauce with honey and balsamic
28. Rocket salad with parmesan peel, sun dried tomato and aged balsamic
29. Season greens in brine with garlic

Our pasta

30. Shrimps spaghetti Corfu
31. Village spaghetti with fresh tomato, peppers,
onion, caper, olives and grated feta cheese
32. Traditional spaghetti with minced meat
33. Spaghetti Napolitane

Our Fish

34. Grilled bream with boiled vegetables
35. Grilled salmon with spicy mayonnaise and salad taboule
36. * Grilled shrimps skewer with pitas, onion and grilled potatoes
37. Grilled squid
38. Swordfish souvlaki grilled with salad taboule
39. Hake fried in batter with greens and garlic sauce
40. *Grilled sardine with onion and olive oil with lemon

Our meats

41. Variety of meat for 2 persons
42. Beef steak
43. Pork Steak
44. Kebab politiko with yoghurt sauce
45. Souvlaki pork with pepper and taboule
46. Chicken fillet
47. Beef burger with taboule and grilled potatoes
* All dishes are accompanied by grilled potatoes and salad taboule.

Our special dishes

48. Chicken milleigh with rocket, sun dried tomato, parmesan cheese and mustard sauce
49. Lamb Gulubashi in greaseproof paper with vegetables and graviera of Crete
50. Stuffed beef burger with feta sauce
51. Pancetta Pork with bbq sauce and grilled potatoes
52. Stuffed vegetables with rice by her grandmother
54. Moussaka
* Ask us about day dishes

Our desserts

54. Dessert of the day
55. Chocolate soufflé with ice cream

Draft – Beer

56. Amstel Glass 250ml
57. Amstel Glass 500ml
58. Amstel free 330ml
59. Alfa weiss 500ml
60. Namos 500ml
61. Heineken 500ml
62. Mythos 500ml
63. Fix 500ml


64. Coca cola 250ml
65. Orangeade 330ml
66. Gazoza 330ml
67. Lemonade 330ml
68. Soda 330ml
69. Carbonated water 250ml
70. Water (1 lt)


71. Plomari carafe 200ml
72. Barbayanni blue 200ml
73. Barbayanni green 200ml
74. Giokarini island 200ml
75. Bulk 100ml

Tsipouro – Raki

76. Tsilili carafe 200ml
77. Babajim carafe 200ml
78. Tsipouro bulk 100ml

Wines in bulk from our cellar

79. Roditis White 500ml
80. Agiorgitiko red 500ml
81. Agiorgitiko red semi-sweet 500ml
82. Agiorgitiko rose 500ml
83. Retsina Malamatina 500ml


84. Lemnia Gi, White (Moschato Alexandria) 750ml
85. The Black Sheep, White (Semillon-Sauvignon Blanc) 750ml
86. Adoli Gi, Antonopoulos, Rose 750ml
87. Chateau Niko Lazaridi (Cabernet Sauvignon-merlot) 750ml
88. Drinks